Resa and Norm

Recently I came across a photograph of our lovely Fashionista, Resa McConaghy, and her beloved Norm.

Norman is a GUITAR PLAYER & COMPOSER. They lived in Miami for almost a year in the 80’s. Norman was working on writing songs and had an arrangement with a recording studio there. They lived in an amazing older home on Miami Beach. It was quite grand with a Florida Room and a maid’s apartment along the side. Per Resa, The original owners must of had a fab life there. They were renting it from an Argentine businessman who had bought it.
When they returned with Norm’s songs it led to a record deal in the 1990’s.

a-kiss-forever copy.jpg

Norman at work!

Love is What is Needed

by Holly Rene Hunter

Here in paradise

the sun goes down on the

crescent shore of an empty beach

she found herself with a guitar man

and A life time of memories

It seemed so clear then and now

love is what is needed

195 thoughts on “Love, sweet love!

  1. What if the world comes apart when she sings?

    Floating down like smoke rings – little rotating flying things…

    What if that sound could still catch every pain?

    Kind little circles of cloudburst, doing the job of the rain…

    And when he lets go of her hands,
    watching them dropping like stones in her lap,
    sliding like stars over fabric,
    rolling like waves over stitchwork and staves…
    playing every love song out of orbit –

    a halo,
    hammerheads banging –

    one promise…
    one ring…
    one moon.

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  2. Holly,
    I love that poem.
    You honour me with your words of love.
    I feel a bit humble.
    Let me go do some dishes and be choked up for awhile!

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      1. There was this bakery, on Collins Ave. OMG! They made this Danish called a Miami Wheel. It was massive. It was 6 small Danish in 1, all different fruit fillings. You could tear 1 off at a time.,,, killer with your morning coffee! xoxo

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        1. Miami Beach is one of the most exciting and romantic places to live. That gorgeous ocean and huge moon hanging above those palm trees, who could resist falling in love. I’m glad you like this little peek into your past.

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  3. What a super post, Holly. So many things we have to learn about each other. Did you know each other when Resa lived in Miami?

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      1. It would have been really cool for you two to have know each other. I’ve met a couple of people blogging who were in Albuquerque before we tarted blogging and now they live other places.

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  4. Oh, Holly, that is so wonderfully sweet!!!! That photo is so precious… as is your poem!
    I’m sure that older house continued it’s good vibe reputation and after Resa & Norm left …probably enhanced it! 😉
    Love to all! ❤️

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  5. My beautiful Auntie Resa and dear Uncle Norm.

    Thought you might appreciate this little tidbit…

    When Auntie Resa and Uncle Norm were living in Toronto I would spend quite a bit of time with them. He had a studio set up in the house and we decided to hang out with him (and Cabbage, Potato and Mom). He happened to have some band members there that day so Resa and I were on our best behaviour. My Auntie (really my mother) decided she was going to teach me how to apply makeup, I was about 13. I was in absolute awe of her massive makeup kit, her poise, elegance and knowledge. She carefully demonstrated the process as I stared at her with the utmost admiration and love. As she began explaining the importance of a good foundation, she started to shake the bottle in preparation. Well, in true Resa ‘fashion’ somehow the foundation went flying across the room onto a band member (he was wearing all black). Uncle Norm wasn’t too impressed to say the least but I on the other hand, thought it was hysterical. This is just one of many stories like this. My auntie is the coolest, most wonderful person in the world. Not only do I love her with all my heart but she cracks me up like no one else. ❤

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    1. Ahhh, Sherrie dear,
      I love that memory!
      Yes…. somehow the foundation went flying. I’ll never understand how that happened.
      OR the blender blowing the carrot soup up to the ceiling.. then landing on Brad, or Uncle Sam sitting on my pin cushion then hitting the ceiling, or the …erm burn in your kitchen rug that I put a can of coffee over..or… that spray thing with the baster….. ad infinitum.
      It’s a gift, I guess. xoxo ❤

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      1. Or the toothpicks in the cake, the leaf blowing….and my favourite *note to self…ad infinitum.

        And yes, you absolutely taught me how to walk in heels. You were the best teacher! No matter how drunk I got (and we’re talking Mr. Clean drunk), I never once fell while wearing my heels ❤

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        1. Ohh, right! I forgot about the toothpicks in the cake. They actually baked up quite well.
          Falling off our heels, never! Dignity must remain intact.
          We have had some swell times together!
          Love you much, darling Sherrie, and Happy Birthday! xoxo WEDGE THREE!

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    1. Holly lives in Miami Beach.
      It’s the most pleasing place, ever. I adore the beach strip, and the low riding pastel homes in the area are enchanting. Magic memories!

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  6. Holly, nicely done. You had me at the silhouette kiss. Nice picture. Keith

    Different subject – I am worried about Florida. I sent the following email out to about 250 folks. Feel free to use if you like. The title is “Former Republican US attorneys (and one famous historian) support Biden”

    There is yet another group of people with gravitas who have officially spoken out against the reelection of the incumbent president. In an article this week in The Washington Post called “Former U.S. attorneys — all Republicans — back Biden, saying Trump threatens ‘the rule of law’” by Tom Hamburger and Devlin Barrett, the hope to make their voice heard by people who will listen.

    Here are the opening paragraphs, that give you the gist.

    “Twenty former U.S. attorneys — all of them Republicans — on Tuesday publicly called President Trump ‘a threat to the rule of law in our country,’ and urged that he be replaced in November with his Democratic opponent, former vice president Joe Biden.

    ‘The President has clearly conveyed that he expects his Justice Department appointees and prosecutors to serve his personal and political interests,’ said the former prosecutors in an open letter. They accused Trump of taking ‘action against those who have stood up for the interests of justice.’

    The letter, signed by prosecutors appointed by every GOP president from Eisenhower to Trump, is the latest instance of Republicans backing Biden. In August, dozens of GOP national security experts signed a full-page newspaper ad endorsing Biden over Trump.”

    These two groups join the ranks of Republicans for the Rule of Law, The Lincoln Project, Republican Voters against Trump and others who had an alternate Republican Party Convention from Charlotte and favor Joe Biden. Then there is the long time respected conservative voices like Max Boot, George Will, Michael Gerson, David Brooks, Ross Douthat and Eric Erickson who have spoken out against the president and favor Biden.

    Yet, one more key voice, Pulitzer Prize winning author and historian, Jon Meacham has publicly endorsed his first presidential candidate in Joe Biden saying “our democracy is at stake.” Meacham has written biographies on Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson and George HW Bush as well as writing his acclaimed book “Soul of America.” He is one the most learned and even-handed people I have witnessed. He makes you feel good about our country and what we have accomplished, while telling you where we failed or are failing to live up to our ideals.

    Their voices used to mean something and still should. Why are they risking their good names against such a vindictive and unscrupulous person? Why, indeed?

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          1. well, I’m feeling very emotional about the damage Trump has perpetrated on our country with his lies and actions. I’m better off letting it go there. I can only hope everyone will do all they can to cast their ballots.


  7. “It seemed so clear then and now love is what is needed”. I had goosebumps when I was reading your poem, Holly. You have a marvelous gift that brings beauty, love and meaning to readers. Your friendship with Resa is a dynamic force for good. The two of you have a way of exploring fresh ideas and prompting vibrant creativity in each other. There is a synergistic flow that I feel every time I see your combined talents. It is privilege to see the results of your collaboration. Sending hugs!

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    1. Rebecca that is so beautiful, thank you so much. I adore Resa, she is a truly lovely in every way, so amazingly and completely generous and caring for all who are lucky enough to know her and even those who do not. In addition she’s so much fun and keeps me smiling with her awesome imagination and outlook on life. 🌟

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  8. What a beautiful tribute to Resa and Norm and to their life together. The comments were another chapter in this great story. I thought you all had been friends in Miami until I read that it was a juxtaposition at different times. How even more amazing that the world brought you two amazing souls together in friendship and a sharing of such talent across a broad range. Indeed, love makes everything better and there is a lot of love shared in this House of Heart.

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    1. Resa’s like a magnet, a very beautiful one, and I decided right away I have to get to know this awesome and gifted lady. I’m so glad We connected because I’ve never had so much fun and I’m forever awestruck at her infinite talents.

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      1. The thing that keeps me in a comforting awe is such a talented and wonderful person is also so warm and inclusive. You and Resa fit well together and the other ladies all bring us a happy and fun vibe through Resa’s blog when she pulls it all together. She should have an autobiography to inspire young readers to become infinitely more than they can imagine in an altruistic way.

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  9. There is a lot of beauty, love, and purity in your words and photo. Resa has many special gifts and she has a way of connecting with people in the most amazing ways. Let there always be love and music in your lives.

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  10. I’m in love already 🥰🥰
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  11. My dear Holly,
    It’s true.
    Love is what’s needed.
    Love of country.
    Love of our fellow humans.
    Love of life.
    Love of decency.
    Love of friends.
    Love of democracy.
    Some say money makes the world go round.
    Some say love makes the world go round.
    Let’s just say, the world goes round, and it’s up to humanity how good each round is.

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