I am a constellation
pasted to a smear of deep sky or
some god spun leaf drifting
a wintry blue pond or a

flame living in fire.
My tongue turns silvery around
my words, do not take them
for sorrow I have named them

Do not forget me.
I still need you to carry me
over the pierce of thorns for
My hands are good for nothing

but a plea do not forget me
I am still here my hair a tangle
of stars.


82 thoughts on “God Spun

  1. I’d like to say sorry,
    if only for the thorns,
    ripping as they do
    through frightened,
    midnight skies.
    But yours is the only galaxy left
    that’ll take them.
    Yours is the only galaxy left
    that’ll sing.
    Yours are the only stars
    that’ll make me dance.

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  2. I could never forget someone who pens poems, as rich and powerful as this.xo

    Oh Holly, now I want to draw RR in a gown, her hair a tangle of red stars.
    It’s on my list!
    🎆 🎇 xo🎆 🎇 xo🎆 🎇 xo🎆 🎇 xo

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          1. I sent it to ‘Oron. Haven’t heard back yet!
            Norman can’t stop laughing. Wait ’til you see the drawing of PBH holding the broken pole with his head on it!

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  3. This is like a beautiful prayer so desperately needed for this week and the weeks to come. We are at the edge of the abyss and you lift our eyes from the deep to the vast beauty of our universe and remind us we are seeking the light of our noble divinity, not our ignominious darkness. 😌✨

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      1. The Dark forces will raise their voice and throw their tantrums, but people of the Tribe of light will just keep on being cool and sophisticated. I’m hoping Chris Van Helsing’s Immortal Sherrielock Holmes, the dominatrix sister of the legendary Sherlock Holmes, will spank their naughty bottoms and we can get on with being good and productive citizens and UN pandemic ourselves. 🤗🙏🏼

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          1. What’s going on is better entertainment than any of the dystopian movies I’ve watched. I just wish it wasn’t so real. I seriously see good people doing good things everywhere. I have faith we’ll be okay. We might have to tolerate some shenanigans and nebulous chicanery, but we’ll be okay.

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      1. I am a Deacon in a Bapptist Church. I have been studying Christianity, Theology, and Religion for 20 years. my website is christianityshines.wordpress.com

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