Woodsy the Performance Poet

I wish you wanted me

in a gentle way
that made sense of shadows
on the days when the rains came.

I wish you wanted me

in a funny way –

funny strange,
like the leaves on sea trees,
growing out
beyond the tide
and dropping their plankton leaves up into sky…

or funny funny,
funny silly,
funny crazy like a barrel,
down a mountain…

down a stream…

I wish that was you
with the sponge in your hand,

saving the washed-away colour of me…

pulling me back from the rain.

I wish I knew you,
who you,
what you were…

and I wish you wanted me,

right here,
right now,
where nothing does…

where nothing exists outside the train

that’s never gonna call at my station again.

I wish you could see the little world I made,
here in a river,
weeping me free…

and I wish…

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30 thoughts on “Spongesong

    1. When I can barely stand
      for curling up,
      but the river is bursting through my shoes.

      When I can barely speak
      for wanting to hide,
      but the river is dancing through my eyes.

      Thank you.

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