A young birch sways

like a new-born giraffe

its limbs lean out

over wilted grass

and ocher vines bind

a sightless sentry

whose eyes never flinch

but guard eternal.

The silence of winter

stacks on solitary bones

until May winds stir

the crowns of trees

flush with suspended


powerless to fly on.

art by rick nilson

102 thoughts on “lament

  1. I feel you, dear Holly!
    I felt you earlier.
    It does seem like winter now, although it’s not.
    May will come early.
    In my heart, the birds will be free to fly, no matter the season, the reason and their wings will spread wide over earth.
    All of the birds love you.
    I am a bird.

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  2. Such colourful artwork…
    and such tender,
    gentle poetry.

    If I had been softer…
    If I had been free…
    If I had been woven from feathers
    and hope…

    If I had known wings
    like the sun had known you…

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  3. Holly, I love these lines as they are so metaphorical.

    “a sightless sentry

    whose eyes never flinch

    but guard eternal.”

    Well done. I kept thinking of the palace guards in England who never flinch. Keith

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  4. Oh I love the comparison of the tree and the giraffe Holly. I loved the watchful and insightful eye of the eye on the eternal without flinching. Beautiful words as we find shelter in the coming winter.
    ❤️ Cindy

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          1. thanks for your response via following.. how’s everything over there due to the election.. I’m Glad indeed he we a truth American.. we prayed for him to lead us.. and do all he promised American… we need a new system Of Government and new citizens.. God bless America 🇱🇷. God bless mr president Joe_Biden.. America 🇱🇷

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          2. Thank you ! I’m pretty happy and hopeful that we can end the divisiveness and bitter rhetoric coming from the White House and tackle some of the big issues facing America.


  5. Nothing knows the changing of nature’s winds and seasons like our beautiful feathered weather predictors. Lovely words for the changes of the seasons, you beautify the pattens of the weather with poetry Rene🌹. This was lovely.


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