My dream dies then returns

where you are a denizen who

speaks in languages I’ve yet

to learn

our dream had weight yet

Left no impression in the snow.

That December we

spoke in stutters still the heat

of our tongues turned words

to smoke.

You appear on the back of my eyes

etched into walls where light

and shadow mingle.

Why did you have to be so beautiful?

Now December holds me fast

forever retrieving the dream.

Night Music

141 thoughts on “denizen of dreams

  1. So many lights
    are dying tonight…
    like a lighthouse ballet,
    too deep behind my heart
    to ever catch sight of my eyes.

    They have no lights to show me,
    here in what’s left of the tide.
    All those drops of phosphorescent hope,
    rained away…
    waiting for something lighther than the cold.

    Waiting for you… for you… for you.

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  2. What a beautiful track, almost as sweet as your poem.
    You find the best music. You write better poems.
    I’m very chilled, thinking how heavy a dream can be, yet, is lighter than snow. I suppose that makes them like air.
    December is upon us. I’m dreaming about retrieved dreams. Thank you dear Holly!

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  3. “Dreams had weight, yet left no impression in the snow”, what a beautiful line Rene. Soft dreams of Morpheus in the winter of December. Your words are such a dream to read.💫

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  4. So beautiful. The opening is breathtaking and you just go on from there. Kind of…yeah…looking for the words here and struggling, it is that good.
    Joan Baez song I believe. A big fav of mine. Got to say I prefer this version though x

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          1. My Mr is a huge Dylan fan sort of fairly knowledgeable in as much as anyone can be about Dylan–lol–and he had talked about him and Baez. We have that song on a double album of her songs and I thought, I bet that is about Dylan the first time I heard it cos of stuff the Mr had said. It is quite a song.

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  5. Oh, another one. I used to listen to JB sing this song over and over. It conjured such visuals when I was a teenager. The newer version was just as captivating and so well done. Your poetry brings the memories in sharp focus. My fav part, “why did you have to be so beautiful?” Certainly, those are the memories we replay. The ones where we held out and held on like an addiction. Me and nostalgia go way back. ☺️

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    1. I love the original song written and sang by J B for BD. Beauty can definitely entice us but it’s the beauty inside that really gets a hold on us. Which reminds me of that song “ something’s got a hold on me” that I heard just this week sung by Christine Aguilera in “Burlesque “. She has an incredible voice. thank you Dan. enjoy the week end.

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      1. Indeed, that deep magic won’t turn loose once it sticks to you. I think I’m now topped off on my zen bucket and may just do some story telling catching up. Balloons and smarty pants AI’s are at the top of the list. 🎈🤖😎😎

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        1. It definitely sounds like it’s time to set those head elves loose. I had to edit this comment, you wouldn’t believe what the spell checkers are up too. Have fun and take me along. 😊

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          1. LOL 😂 Hans that ASS is always catching me off guard. I’m surprised anyone can translate Hansifried text into something that makes sense. Actually, it is kinda funny what pops up.

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    1. Hi Michelle! So good to see you. Thank you so much for the lovely comment. I too thought the poem has a rhythm similar to This song. Maybe I’ll send it to George at Zoolon. See what he thinks. Take care my sweet friend! ❤️

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          1. Sad one of the Happiest of Holidays has to be spent isolated, isn’t it!! Hope he is staying safe like You!! I’m very sure you trained him, right! I hate to think of you living in Florida with it being a hotspot, but then I’m in one too! I do worry about you and your work!! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!!
            xoxox 😘💕🌹😍

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          2. I have to be out there and it is best to be quarantined when I am home. Thank you for the beautiful thoughts and much needed prayers. Be safe, The light at the end of the tunnel is near…I hope. 😘💕🌹😍

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  6. Such a lovely poem, Rene!
    It’s different hearing someone other than Joan Baez sing Diamonds and Rust–it always seemed so much her song to me about her and Bob Dylan. But it’s a beautiful song.

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