When I am near you I become a  glimmering

  chimera of mirrors tempered of shell and sand

a cascading niagara plunging into deep pools of desire

where I am so afraid to fall.  

Powerless to hold back I  immerse in the irides  of your  eyes

as speechless as  tongueless    birds.

The current of tides tangles you in the succulent

mirage of my eyelashes. You and I are more than

the wispy smoke of clouds or an epoch of bones

but the breathing air of lovers rushing through veins  

as gentle or fierce as the press of your thigh on mine.

140 thoughts on “Breathing air

  1. I would breathe your heart,
    your eyes,
    your world,

    right through my wreckage and my pain,

    to raise a light that breathes like this –

    like sea mist,
    dying on a colony of thighs.

    But if loving them all would save you,

    knowing them back to the sea…

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  2. Oh I am sighing big time. An intense tribute to the power and fragility of love perfectly expressed. The best to you my friend, thank you again for all your beautiful work that has been a highlight of this year.

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  3. Rene, where words matter, you know exactly the right ones to write down. The imagery was amazing and the song was one that I remembered as one that could make me pull over and stop driving just so I could soak in it and not worry about the road or the people I shared it with. Your poetry is like that. I want to stop my world from spinning and just soak it all in.

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          1. Just want to make sure you aren’t like the butterfly who can’t see how beautiful she/her words are and needs to have those who do tell her!!
            Love the way the power of your words are like magic, Dear R!
            xoxox 😊💕🌹✨

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  4. So beautiful, dear Holly!
    I think beautiful is an overused word, when describing your poetry.
    Yet, beauty comes to mind.
    The eyelashes… they could be a drawing(s).
    I’m collecting whatever poetry of yours that inspires drawing.

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  5. This was such an enchanting read, Holly! 😀 You always pick the perfect images to enfold the reader into such gorgeous uplifting scenes – a soothing respite from today’s crazy times. Hope you have a magical weekend ahead, sweetie! ❤

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