From the train window

I can see miles of Pine trees

that seem to go on forever.

There’s a golden wolf howling

at the moon

chanting to the midnight Gods.

By morning Pine trees give way to

Palms and screeching Cicadas.

Tonight the moon reveals the belly of

the world  from which we all come.

All that I have left is a photograph.  

Tell me night-time dreamer why you

hold so many secrets in your heart.

When I look into your  eyes

all I  see is star dust.

183 thoughts on “Gold Dust

  1. I’d walk on all their broken glass to reach such dust…

    like a bear,
    skating moonbeams
    to collect the cries of lost wolves.

    Who knew bears could blow glass?

    But melt it they do,
    just to save my ragged feet

    the way nothing can save those tears.

    Hugs to you.

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  2. This poetry is a journey.
    The beginning is familiar, northern Canadian Prairies, or the Rockies. I hear the wolf.
    The train takes me into a place that resists a logic from whence I just came.
    Yet, there is no logic to the the ways of the heart, nor how gold, can turn to dust.
    Thank you, dear Holly! I needed this slice of verdancy. xoxoxo

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  3. Rumors my fav of all times and listening to this while reading your poem rocks my word. the train ride that never ends Holly.. I’m on vaca… gonna keep dreaming… ❤️🤗🤗🤗🥰🥰💃💃💃😎😎😎

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  4. ‘There’s a golden wolf howling

    at the moon

    chanting to the midnight Gods.’

    My god, beyond brilliant. As are all the lines. As for Fleetwood Mac Rumours?? Got an ancient tape and still play it now and them on an even older tape dec… xxxxxx

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  5. My favorite transportation was trains. Fast ones and slow ones all had their thrills. That daydream looking out the window was always right. Golden wolves are howling at the moon, the belly that birthed us, and of course, stardust in the eyes looking back. That’s why trains rule. Lovely verse, Rene. 🚂 ☺️

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      1. Oh, I thought you were a train pro from this poem. You capture the mood of reflection on the train so well. I have an extensive collection of untold train stories. If I had a choice of conveyance, it would be by boat or train. Everything else just doesn’t compare, although undoubtedly convenient. I would make an exception for a Harley, but then, I have to pay attention to staying upright instead of daydreaming out the window. I’ve had my eye on a National Geographic working cruise for sometime too. That’s near the top of my bucket list just under balloon ride 🤠. What is your favorite way to see the world?

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        1. I prefer to drive if I’m in a 500 Mile radius otherwise I will take to the skies. I took the Viking Cruise along the Rhine in 2017 ( you will find it in National Geographic with a wide choice of destinations) . It was amazing. An anecdote:
          A friend found himself in a small German town late, no reservations and no vacancies. He slept in a completely empty train sleep car for the night. Next morning disembarked and went on his way. 😊

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          1. Oh, I would love to take one of the Viking cruises, especially the Rhine. I like your friend already. That’s good instincts and sleeper cars are fun. Probably more fun when you have it to yourself.

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          2. You would like the cruise. I went in November so it was cold! Flew into Heathrow then onto Bern boarded the boat and cruised for ten days stopping in all the major cities along the Rhine. So much fun. I have pics posted here somewhere.

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  6. Holly, nicely done. I could not help but think of a train ride from inland to the coast of North or South Carolina, or in my case a drive. The pines give a strobe light effect on the tracks or road letting go to those palms and loud cicadas. Very vivid. Keith

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          1. I would really appreciate it! Florida and Texas are crazy and you are a healthcare worker!! I think worrying is in the Code of Friendship, isn’t it??? I would even if it’s not there!
            Have a Great New Year’s Eve – Celebration or not!
            xoxox 💕🎁😘😊🌹🌹✨✨

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