Hold me in  fleeting hours

while we are beautiful and wild

winged creatures of the night

sipping honeysuckle vines

sustained by the sun and rain.

Stay  when summer departs and

butterflies flit at teardrops pooled in

the corner of my eyes.

Lie down with me in winter when

hoar frost coats the rose buds

and  blue birds cease  their song

tiny skeletons of  hollow bone

indifferent to the cold

These lips are   petals

reminders  of lost flowers

If  you do not return

but fly on  to distant gardens

my body will seek shelter

beneath the feathers of

tongueless birds.

Translation by Bernd @ neues vom Hutschi

Halt mich fest in flüchtigen Stunden den schönen und wilden, unser Fleisch ist voll und reif, geflügelte Wesen saugen die Nacht auf, Jelängerjelieber, die von Sonne und den Regen gespeiste. Bleib, wenn der Sommer vergeht und der Garten vom Lächeln nippt, das aus der Iris deiner Augen blitzt. Lieg bei mir im Winter, wenn die Vögel zu singen einhalten, winzige Skelette aus hohlen Knochen, gleichgültig der Kälte gegenüber. Für dich sind meine Lippen Blütenblätter, süße Erinnerungen an verlorene Blumen. Wenn du nicht zurückkehrst sondern weiterfliegs, wird mein Körper Schutz suchen unter den Flügeln zungenloser Vögel. translated by Bernd Huschenreuther


art by Steve Hanks

160 thoughts on “Song of Seasons

  1. Gorgeous magical prose, Holly! ❤ You always weave such an enchanting tapestry of imagery invoking all the senses that sweeps the reader along and leaves them spellbound.
    'butterflies flit at teardrops pooled in
    the corner of my eyes.' – beautiful wistful lines! 😀

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      1. This poem definitely hits different on a second reading during lockdown. Love those individual intimate moments you highlight – hopefully we’ll be able to celebrate hugging again soon! ❤

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          1. Tom, it’s a remarkable time we’re living in. Who would have guessed? Well, some did. We must enjoy the little pleasures of life these days. Looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. Be safe dear Tom.

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          2. Glad you’re looking forward to it! 😀 It’s rather different & longer than the previous ones I’ve done, so I hope it’s a compelling story for you! ❤

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  2. I really love this Rene. The connection to nature and metaphor is mesmerizing. The hollow bones and tongueless birds paint a picture like the seasons of earth and life, the cyclic universe all yearning for rebirth of spring beginnings and beautiful remembrances of love hopefully returned and renewed.

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          1. Thank you, lovely lady. I’m off to capture more… And then, just maybe, the post I wanted to start last Sunday will come into being (with lots of photos)

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  3. Yes, I’m with ‘Oron, this should be turned into a gangsta rap poem, NOT!

    On another note:
    This is the most beautiful passing of time through the seasons. You have calmed me, with this lullaby.
    You have stirred an urge for me to be more creative!
    Funny how things work.

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    1. You are always creative…I am working on a gangsta rap for you and ‘Oron. It’s going to hit the charts and shoot up to #1.
      I will give credit and let you two in on the profits.. Back to work now!

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          1. Maybe there is less Covid on Merritt Island?
            Funny how hoodies became gangsta.
            Not too bad here, but the pot dispensaries won’t let you in with a mask and a hoodie, or a mask and a baseball cap or a mask and sunglasses.
            I must say the whole pot dispensary thing has mushroomed out here. We have 3 on my block alone, and 1 head shop that sells all the paraphernalia.
            I hear once Covid is in control, we are getting a Pot Cafe, which could also be a Sad Cafe.

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          2. They are still fighting the legalization of pot in The US. The Republican s … even for medical purposes. You can sometimes get it in pill form, I had a friend who had a chronic back problem and she got a prescription. The Sad Café indeed. It’s really a rockin hangout.

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  4. Beautiful “butterflies flit at teardrops pooled in the corner of my eyes.” So happy I took a sip of your words of Nectar this late evening here Holly.
    Have a blessed Thursday.. Sending love and well wishes your way for 2021 🙂 💛

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