In my infinite smallness

looking out over the ocean

my limbs are albino snakes

basking in the sun and the heat

burns the soles of my feet

A treasure of pearls are strewn

like stardust on the shore

and a garland of lilac is tied

to nothing but my hand.

I am the universe lending life

to silent rock as the sun streams

down my throat where there is no voice.

The laughter of children rings

through honeyed coves where lost

lovers await the tide to

tumble them into the light.

Below my feet lies a carpet of

Jacaranda and my empty hands

carry no burden but love.

154 thoughts on “Cliff Girl

  1. She’ll stretch against the moment,
    rub the skirt
    along her legs…

    pretend like it’s nothing,
    pretend like she’s free…

    just this once
    against the stars –

    riding the lilac songbirds round her wrist.

    There’s an ache in her stillness,
    a hope in her dance,
    for something the ocean rarely speaks…

    something too soft to run with…
    something too gentle to hold…

    She’s felt it through every tiny step,
    in a world so packed with hardness…
    a life so charted by meaningless choice
    things that eat right through her soul.

    Sometimes, that silly little slice of hope is everything,

    carved out of pen-knives and cliff dust and snakes.

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  2. Another wonderful poem. I love the image of “my limbs are albino snakes, basking in the sun and the heat”. Nice illustration.

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      1. I led my students to study cliffs ( layings of rocks and fossils ) I liked also the novel of Tracy Chevalier ” Remarkable creatures ” about people studying the cliffs of the south England ( although Tracy Chevalier is an american author ).

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  3. Holly, i like the interplay of words with children laughing and lost lovers. I envision teen lovers who were asked to look after the younger siblings of one, stealing into the wrong path in the cave for a passionate kiss and getting lost. So, they awaited the tide to guide them out as the young ones snickered. Keith

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  4. This was marvellous to read! ❤ Such a magical tribute to the simple pleasures of the seaside – can feel the sand between my toes and smell the salt in the air. Wonderful vivid imagery! 😀

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  5. So divine and easy (“like Sunday morning”).
    There is much to be said about being at one with the smallness of self, and the outer and inner universe at once.
    You have said it all here.

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          1. Ahhh, You are the sweet one! I so love the magical powers of your words. Really very happy to know your vaccination if coming up! We had 4 inches of snow yesterday and most is still on the ground – yikes!
            The 20th can’t get here soon enough, can it? Can we wish it to come faster? LOL Have a great day!
            xoxox 😘💕😊🌹

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          2. I’m very happy about getting the vaccine ( phase one) phase two three weeks later. I would love to see a lot more people getting the vaccine but unfortunately it wasn’t handled right . Counting down the days but apprehensive about safety after what happened on the 6th. ❤️🤗🥰🙏🕊

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          1. Woooo hooo! Mittens; now I can go build that snow village without frost bitten fingers. Yes indeed, Floribama in the summer will be rocking with jazz and old school blues.

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