In this dream I turn to you

light my cigarette from the glowing

tip of your own.

Tonight I propose we fly away.

Your dark eyes whip my mind

into arousal and your elegant hand

on my thigh turns me soft inside.

Your breathing is a sigh against

my ear that whispers my hair

and crimson lips so near devours

your resistance.

Against waves of longing and desire

dreams are always what it could

be like.

Suddenly hares chase foxes

and Roebucks hunt hunters and

to shield me from the terror you

hold me within bleak arms.

We are light breathing

sweet molecules into the night

It would be easy now to fly.

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129 thoughts on “Interlude

          1. I went far last week after the wee-est grandie broke my adaptor. you know she is the dainties, most beautiful wee thing and she is an utter wrecking ball. OF course everything is shut down here. it was a nightmare. Eventually we ordered a new one from Amazon. THEn I found this ancient one in a drawer AND the rom for it… Do you know it works like a dream !

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  1. I love this holly. Especially crimson lips devouring resistance, hares chasing foxes and roebucks hunting hunters. Wonderful imagery to ponder.

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  2. Last night,
    I lost it all –

    all that hope you used to feed me,
    light by light.

    Turned once too often,
    and lost it all on a bet…

    found myself drowning in smoke and mirrors,
    in the nightlights
    and notebooks
    where I used to see possibilities.

    That’s why I never enjoy sharing cigarettes anymore.

    But I bring a pack anyway,
    tangle myself,
    in the swapping

    and pretend it’ll be different this time.

    Lost hope is funny that way,

    and lonely thighs just won’t be denied.

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