Drawn by the pull of possibility

I am at war with resistance

tempted by persuasion and the

dynamic momentum of hands

on taut shoulders

the gravitational press on tangled

knots and willowy limbs that succumb to

a black spell night

your kiss is kindle igniting

the perfect fire

Come dawn I am a periwinkle

at your pillow

tender petals bending to what

is golden.

61 Figurative Paintings By Kazakhstani Artist Andrei Belichenko

art by Andre Belinchenko

96 thoughts on “Persuasion

  1. So beautiful Holly and enticing … temptation at it’s best.
    Loved these lines and more but I can’t write your whole poem Holly! ❤️❤️ Nice job! 👏
    “I am at war with resistance

    tempted by persuasion”

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  2. Spot on! ❤ Nothing quite like the warm bliss of a tender morning bathed in golden sunlight after a steamy night of passion. 🙂 You always sprinkle such vivid imagery throughout that really make your poetry dazzle.

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    1. Thank you Derrick . I’m glad to hear you received your vaccine. It’s advisable to relax the deltoid muscle by letting the shoulder go limp , its not painful at all. I had mine a couple of weeks ago. ❣️

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      1. Always an honor and pleasure to read and share your posts, Holly!! 😁 Yes, all good here! Hope you are well too, Dear! Is your work place safe? Any Covid-19 cases near you? Winter is being rather mild here. How about where you are. If I remember correctly isn’t Winter when you normally get the Snowbirds? Maybe not this year?
        Hope you have a happy day!! 😘💕😊🌹🌹

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        1. Dear Chuck, thank you so much. I’m glad you are well. Lots of out of state travelers coming down for the vaccine but as of last week one must provide proof of residency that includes snowbirds with winter homes here.
          Take care and be safe. ❤️

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          1. Well, I’m very happy to hear that the State is protecting residents from snowbirds swooping in and swiping vaccines from frontline workers and residents! Glad to hear they are stopping Vaccine Tourism. Looking forward to Feb 18th from my 2nd shot. Still thrilled that you’ve had your vaccine and can’t wait to hear that you’ve had your 2nd one! Hope your week has been a good one so far!
            Hoping you have a wonderful evening!
            Sending Big Hugs,

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  3. So romantic, dear Holly!
    Periwinkle & gold are a perfect beginning, for what is left of the fire.

    You have drawn me from one world to another, again!

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      1. Thank you Dahling!
        Although, when you read the wee poem I sent in my email today, you might change your mind! LOLOL
        Let’s call it a nursery rhyme. xoxo

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          1. Just answered it!!! Love yo u madly! I was sewing in the Zen Zone since I got up!!
            Copied a reply from the interview person, and put it in the mail. There’s a link to the magazine in there!
            I’m very excited!!!!!

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  4. It reveals the interplay between masculine and female energies and yet keep it a mystery. ♥️♥️♥️ Happy Valentines 😉

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