Deep as the Mariana Trench

The finest opus of Nightingales

A paradise where birds

sip nectar from petals that

unfurl just for you

Let me leave my mark

Roses beneath the snow


Caught in a mock sinners lullaby

111 thoughts on “Mock Lullaby

  1. Beautiful poetry with such a great song to match!
    ‘A tropical paradise where birds
    sip nectar from petals that
    unfurl just for you’ – these were such breathtaking lines that really sweep the reader away on a peaceful tide. Simply gorgeous! ❤

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  2. Such beautiful imagery, dear Holly!
    Roses under snow … I see perfection here. The roses would be frozen, their perfection not to whither until the thaw, whereupon new roses would grow.
    It wasn’t until the second reading that I caught “mock sinners lullaby”.
    I had read mock singer’s lullaby.
    Sinner is so much more poignant. It may have had something to do with seeing Smokey’s face below the line.

    Your pen is like Flower Power, a calling to love, loves and lovers. Ink that heals. xoxoxo

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      1. Holly, my pleasure. Often, certain lines punctuate things for me. They add imagery. Your poems are good about offering those little images. Thank you for that. Keith

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  3. Love can be a two-edged sword, can it not! It doesn’t come by itself, that which we so often lull ourselves into believe, dream or sing about. I love the duality in this lovely poem. Beautifully done, Rene.

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      1. Oh, sorry! Wasn’t meaning to be nitpicky I was just thinking it might be of you – by you! I know you are really talented. Hope you are being safe from this new virulent UK virus! They say that thing doubles every 10 days! Yikes! Please be safe, Rene! I’m always keeping You and yours in my thoughts and prayers!
        xoxox 😘💕🌹

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          1. Ha! That’s exactly what I thought – I wondered if it wasn’t you! So happy you are well. Thrilled you are finally getting your 2nd shot. Yeah! Especially, since Florida is really getting more cases of the U.K. strain!
            Trying times, indeed! Keeping You and yours in my thoughts and prayers, no matter what!!
            LAH – xoxox 😘💕💖🌹🌹

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          2. Thank
            You Chuck, I highly recommend anyone who is eligible get the vaccine and hope that soon everyone will be eligible. I’ve just learned my friends parents have been hospitalized with COVID and have pneumonia. Take care dear friend. ❤️🤗😘

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  4. “Petals that unfurl just for you”, what a beautiful statement that is! Descriptive and making the reader fell so selected, your words are a poetic song Rene. Pure poetry in motion.🌹

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      1. Ja takk, hvis universets første grunnlov er og gi, og ta med samme sinn, slik som naturen nærmest… Berikelse er luksus 👌 ❤️ If I only could love thy who’m turn against me, then I really know love for sure… JT


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