Clarence isn’t the first to need to lie down after enjoying my cooking. I hope I baked enough. Everyone says I did. ❤️

Rethinking Life

The guests have arrived and the Chicklet Valentine’s Day Party has officially begun.  Clarence was in charge of setting up Holly’s Corn bread treats for an after breakfast snack.  Unfortunately, Clarence decided to taste test the corn bread and couldn’t seem to control himself.

When interviewed for The Coop newspaper, he simply chirped, “It was just so delicious, what else could I have done?”   Everyone understood his dilemma and a meeting was held where a rule was passed, saying that no one could be in charge of food products alone.  At least two beings would have to be present for the set-up.

Everyone felt much better after that.  The good news is that Holly made enough corn bread for everyone, so no one will go without a slice, or two.

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18 thoughts on “Holly’s Valentine Corn bread treats…Chicklet Valentine’s Day Party begins…

  1. Corn bread and porridge are one of the most authentic dishes in the Balkans. The one thing I need to have at all times is three things – Balkan-style cow cheese, Balkan-style yogurt and domestic corn flour because the one from the supermarkets sucks. Everything made with it is just ok, which doesn’t satisfy me one bit.

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        1. Haha! You are so invited, as cornbread baker, I am officially inviting you. The chicklet’s will be delighted. All mitigation criteria will be in place. I’m also the official overseer of that aspect. ( no one knows it yet)

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  2. Amazing! You are really on the “backing front”, Holly? 😉 This wonderful painting makes me thinking on my mothers cakes. Only one piece is enough getting all the at least unhealthy ingredients pushing you immediately into the gym. Have a beautiful weekend, and celebrate a Happy Valentines Day! Michael

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