The small lake shimmers with light

reeds rustle beneath

the feet of a fawn

leaning forward her pink tongue

curls backward

spattering the sweetness of life

into her nose and eyes

spotted ears pull sideways

heeding the sigh of the forest

the breath of a breeze

the kiss of sunlight transforms

autumn gold to green

beyond the edge of the wood

fall collides with spring

in  tender places of the wild

Do No Harm

image © Joan Eger

117 thoughts on “Tender Places

      1. Not only. Ugly people are everywhere, in all walks of life, in every country. The harm they do is often insidious, but it works into the collective psyche and becomes the norm if nobody calls it out.

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  1. Oh Holly!
    This is so beautiful. I know it’s about a fawn, but I feel it is for all animals.
    When I think of how perfectly you have described this sweet innocent life, I could cry.
    “Do no harm”, but many do harm.
    Here’s to your heart! xoxoxo

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  2. Holly, nicely done. I like these three near closing lines, as they make me see the imagery. Leaves that have fallen and now wet from the winter meet the wildflowers beginning to push through the edges of the fields. Keith

    “beyond the edge of the wood

    fall collides with spring

    in tender places of the wild”

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  3. a healthy nature is vital to everything living, a health human nature too, the poem is tender, and your concern is so real, if you want to help others to appreciate the nature we depend upon, and want to be lifted yourself, encourage others to raise their eyes to God, as awareness of God will ensure a big effort to improve nature, so I assume, thanks

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  4. This was a gorgeous tribute to nature’s serene beauty ❤ Can feel the tranquility of such pristine sites untouched by man. You weave such vibrant descriptions that really bring the scene to life!

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  5. Such description behind this beautiful piece Rene, love how two seasons collided to make a gorgeous setting. The peaceful nature you coined the animal and it’s surrounding was astounding. “yes”. Do not harm the beauty of nature.

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  6. This is so lovely, Rene. Especially coming the day after I capture a few fawns with my camera – I was so excited to be able to and cannot, ever, understand why anyone would want to harm such beautiful and delicate creatures (or any, for that matter)

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  7. This is one of the most gorgeous things you have ever written. By ther time I heard the sigh of the forest I was enchanted, (not knowing the best was yet to come). Those final lines……..sigh.
    This was so beautiful.

    You are the best my dear friend.

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        1. I hope you can get the Vaccine soon Brian. I finish my series. I’m glad. Our governor her is a Trump stooge. He’s offering the vaccine to the better Zip codes first. He’s also wanting to fly the state flag at half mast for Rush Limbaugh,that vile man. Take care 💕

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          1. Yes, yes! He also arrested Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the IMF director who was in pole position to become the next French president. I am very happy that he has set himself on this task… Yes!

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  8. Such beauty and and honor in your poem Holly. Such beautiful creatures. We are blessed to live among them but grateful they have have moved off our property. We had a daughter with 3rd stage Lyme disease which still rears it’s ugly head 20 years later. Now if the coyotes would follow them, I would be grateful. ❤️

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