The room is stifling with

deflowered souls.

The sad cafe tends to its ghosts

but we are more than grateful to forget.

There are no secrets among these

desolate lovers disfigured by life.

We inhale circlets of smoke

that linger in the air and taste lips

dripping desire.

The night arches its back

to drunken angels so we dance

beneath stars that meet us halfway.

Andrew Atroshenko Knowing painting - Knowing print for sale

“Knowing” by Andrew Atroshenko

138 thoughts on “the Sad Cafe (V)

  1. At least the stars meet us halfway, and we are tended to.
    I adore your Sad Cafe poems, Holly. They are moody and seem like a perfectly lit smoky scene in a movie I remember.
    Then again, they also make me think of Toulouse Lautrec’s paintings, in an odd way. He painted nightlife, dancers, Moulin Rouge, drinking, smoking, lips, legs and desire. Yet, although it was gaiety, I always feel a lost happiness when I look at his works. It’s like a Sad Cafe, with a mask on. xoxoxo

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  2. Such a wistful tone to this, Holly! ❤ Beautiful ethereal imagery of all those who linger in their favourite haunts, unseen but never forgotten. This was magical!

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      1. Lovely seeing new material from you – always brings sparkle to my week! ❤

        P.S. WordPress has been playing up lately so hopefully my stories have still been getting through to you. Let me know if you're receiving them okay. 🙂

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          1. Hauntings are the essence of life in motion. I wonder what life would be like if there were nothing to fill my thoughts. A Sad Cafe is where one goes to be with their hauntings. My fondest memories are from little places with only locals and not many of them. There was that period of quiet to myself as I reflected on the past and then I would find the courage to say hello. New hauntings would spring up a little later on. You capture the spirit of that life in every line you write.

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          2. So true Dan. We meet the most interesting people there escaping their own hauntings. It seems it’s always the quiet pensive ones with the most exciting life anecdotes for us. 😊

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  3. So laden with charm but sad piece. I find it very cinematic with this setting. My mind is moving, like a camera focusing in angles while the story unfolds. I love the “circlets of smoke” scene. Great work !

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          1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

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  4. I just love this piece. So beautifully written.

    “The night arches its back
    to drunken angels so we dance
    beneath stars that meet us halfway.”

    So beautiful my friend. I loved the entire piece but especially the ending.
    Love ❤️🤗 Joni

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      1. Always an honor and pleasure to read and share your posts – especially on The Sad Cafe! I guess Texas is bound and determined to be the Stupid State now that Abbott has removed the mask mandate and is allowing 100% opening of everything!! Alot of people will lose their lives because of this! I hope Florida’s Governor doesn’t try to out Stupid Abbott!
        Be safe!!

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        1. Thanks so much Chuck. Florida hasn’t had any mandates, these GOP governors would rather see us die than have Biden be successful in fighting this terrible virus. Trump sycophants, they would like to see herd immunity by means of death. I heard that Texas has every single variant of this virus,I think we should put that wall around Tx, Fl, and Miss. My friends Mom , a virus denier, is on a ventilator and not expected to pull through. Heartbreaking.

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          1. Oh my, I forgot Florida didn’t have any mandates! I guess that’s why CPAC’s straw poll showed DeSantis coming in second behind Trump for 2024. I Like your Wall idea! Ha! Texas now has 5 variants of the virus. Not a good Omen? So very sorry about your friend’s Mom. Sad, but you can’t stop people from believing a lie! No matter the consequences. Reminds me of that scene in the Poseidon when no one would believe the right way out and kept going the wrong way, to their death.
            With all the new virus’ please continue to be safe, Rene!!!
            xoxox 😘💖🌹

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  5. Your poem makes me dream, Holly .
    I see again the circlets of smoke floating in the air in the caafes of the past
    Your beautiful poem is a painting that makes me think of Van Gogh and the painters of this time.
    Love ❤

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          1. Towns and villages in France as in Europ have a very old origine and we always find something old center or buildings relating history and also , of course some cafes or bistrots!! 🙂

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  6. I cannot reply above so I type here to say some towns in Provence such Nîmes and Saint-Rmi-de_Provence would please you. You go from the Roman empire unti lnow with all the traditions, and with painters such Van Gogh . We visit the hôpital where he stayed to paint the lighted nature around;
    Love ❤

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  7. Sorry, Holly! I am once again very late. But it sounds wonderful. I think there is always sadness in Lautrec works. Its what i call “French Melancholy”. Thank you for sharing your wonderful poem, Holly. I hope you are well and stay save! Will look for the rest of the series. Michael

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