The autumn leaves fall.
Late October London is covered in hues of orange and purple.
In my solitude by the river I daydream that I am
an adolescent reptile escaped from Kafka’s Die Verwanlung,
Laid back in the sun.

My nostrils absorb the scent of cologne
Perhaps later, for now I am content to observe.
To my advantage I know all about these men
While they know so little of me.

Thinking of you
Dying just a little, dead and dying all hope of
A dream never realized
I imagine my earthly body padded sat beside yours on a grassy knoll
to breathe in the scent of lilac and the mossy green River Delta.

later, in the dark I am nude but for a shadow across my torso.
You are so near and to resist this burning desire
I distract my mind with Roethke’s “In A Dark Time”.

In your arms I sway like a young birch in a summer tempest.
I am reminded of when we gave away what we had already lost.
We hold each other now, knowing love has died and we with it.

art by Fabian Perez

189 thoughts on “In A Dark Time

  1. This was such a spellbinding piece – enchanting beyond words! ❤ You weave such magical depictions of longing and hope for the future. One of your best ever!

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  2. Holly, this stanza reveals the gist of your message:

    “Thinking of you
    Dying just a little, dead and dying all hope of
    A dream never realized”

    I feel the dreaded realization of missed opportunity. To me, the last stanza is a dream as “we gave away what we already lost.” This one made me think more, so I am not sure I came to the intended conclusion. Keith

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          1. Glad to hear it!! Yes, I even got to play some music with a friend and a couple of games of chess. First time in a year! Hope things stay under control what, with Spring Break. Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?? Stay safe, Dear!
            xoxox 💕💖🌹🌹

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          2. That fabulous Chuck. I’m glad you got away and had some fun. All guidelines are lifted here. The numbers are already going up. Island life for me this weekend 🌴. Hoping for nice weather , have a great weekend Chuck. 💖🥰

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  3. I curl my leg around your hand,
    tight enough to make an introduction
    in spite of the distance between us.

    I curl my leg over guarded walls and bridges,
    scrape my thighs over barbed wire
    and lift myself above the ocean,
    the watchtowers
    and my own screaming terror.

    Your fingers dance
    like something primeval
    down the steps of my spine –

    a temple
    crumbling from the inside out.

    I rest my heart
    in everything you promised,
    scarlet-coated woodlands to mountain tops,
    castles to stolen gypsy caravans,

    and I let you lift me to the lingering hope of unfettered sky.

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  4. Yearnings and memories of an unfulfilled experience. There is so much emotion in your lines. How this longing is lingering in the being and actually never died although something died. Wow! You have outdone yourself with this poem, Holly! I take a bow!

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  5. In your words, I sway; dear Holly.
    Lilacs are my favourite blooms and scent. Memories are set off like fireworks. I’ve never read “In A Dark Time”, but know we are in one now, and that much is lost.
    Yet, much will be gained in a bright time, when lilies of the valley perfume the horizon.

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  6. Sensuous, are your lavish words dear Holly … Makes me wish I were forty years younger lol..
    Good to be reading your brilliance again Holly..
    Sending love and well wishes…. Hugs your way my friend ❤

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  7. Overwhelmed as I read this. Can’t say anything more, Holly. I feel what I just read and it has taken over my heart ❣️.. you are one of the best writers here. It’s an experience reading your work.

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