I am no where near dying

but I can find no room here

for breathing.

When first I laid eyes on you

I unfolded like papyrus layers

wet from the Nile,

this intricacy of doubts,

all wounds and scars

becoming something holy.

I’ve captured your voice,

reassembled it in my throat

to not forget the way you sound.

A thousand humming bees

flitting from the catch in my throat

when I open my mouth to speak.


178 thoughts on “humming bees

        1. We’re still fighting Covid , no mandates here. It’s a tough battle. You may have seen the crowds of thugs on South Beach for spring break. On that happy note , how are things your way. I hope you’re good! I did get some pics of Blue Herons on the island this past weekend!

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          1. I saw something about the spring break hordes. I think people are even more wild after being cooped up for a year. We are doing well. We’ve been vaccinated with no reactions. I’ve been working long hours moving our office, building desks, getting new security systems in place, figuring out the heating and cooling, etc. But I am out of the sorry downtown. All the critters are doing well, also.

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          2. Sounds as though things are going well, I’m glad. We all are suffering Pandemic fatigue! I list my ex mother in law to COVID 2 weeks ago. Refused to wear a mask or take precautions. Heartbroken.

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  1. Holly, nicely done. I will skip past the wonderful papyrus reference and focus on the following words:

    “This intricacy of doubts,

    all wounds and scars

    becoming something holy.”

    It makes me think the new lover helps salve all wounds and allay all fears. This me and you against the world mantra is what relationships are made of. Keith

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  2. Amazing words, metaphors for our time. The insanity of what we are living through, is made more bearable by your magic poetry.
    I feel humming bees in my throat, but they, nor I can speak no matter how wide my mouth is open.
    LOL! They might be turning into one giant croaking frog.
    I couldn’t help but read your/Tim comments.
    My deepest condolences about your ex-mother-in-law.

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    1. Thank you dear Resa. I think we are all lost for words .
      I hope all is well. Thank you for the kind words. It was a shock to lose my mother in law , her husband also had COVID and istill recovering. I doubt he will ever be the same. For gods sake is it so hard to wear a mask?

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      1. People resisted seat belts, and not being able to drink and drive, for a long time. It seems to take ages for some people to put their so-called personal freedoms aside, and do what’s best for the public good. Look at the whole gun thing in the USA!
        Hey, I wore 3 masks and a shield yesterday, because of where I had to go. I wear 3 masks anyway, but several doctors have advised shields inside high rise lobbies, so that’s what I did.
        I got lots of dirty looks. People don’t want to be reminded how the Variants are taking over.
        In Alberta (we always seem to be about 2-3 weeks behind with their bad news) the latest 2 week report says that 25% of new cases and even hospitalizations in that province are kids 19 and under.
        On a GOOD note; CBC news reported that after a lengthy and brutal lock down, and a campaign where they vaccinated everybody once, first, then the second when a huge percentage had some protection, the cases are dropping like a stone. 2 days and no deaths.
        They used a lot of the AZ vaccine!
        Anyway, dearest meece, thank you for being you! xoxoxoxooo

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        1. Im glad you mask up really good. I have had the vaccine but still double mask and of course wear a Sheild at work.
          Today someone here in the states ripped the mask off a women. In addition, not far from my house is a home with a huge banner strung between two palm trees that says f🇺🇸🇺🇸K Biden. Such a scum , I’m sure his house if filled with weapons. It really hurts to know there are such low people in the world.
          Everyone buckles up or is ticketed and fined yet wearing a mask is someone infringing on their liberty. Humbug.
          Rant over…xoxo

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  3. such a beautiful piece Holy.
    This truly is a visual of our time that I hope is soon behind us!
    “A thousand humming bees

    flitting from the catch in my throat

    when I open my mouth to speak”.


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  4. Beautiful poem 🐝 🐝 – I was sorry to read of your Ex-MiL. This vaccine is making some of the older people that have had the jab less cautious, I notice many more walking without a mask 😷 now on quite narrow pavements. I believe the government here is hoping to have everyone vaccinated by the end of June and I pray they do and it works.

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      1. I’ve been singing masked all week, it was exhausting and the first day I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it I had such an headache. I found a way to make it work with breaks. I am praying we are released by the end of June safely.

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      1. I don’t think so. Of course, your know your work better than I do. Besides frequent themes related to the Sea, if I had to chose one word to describe your work, I would say: “Passion”. Across the board. 👏🏻🌹

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  5. Beautiful poetry dear Holly… You have an unique way with words dear Holly to have Bees, the Nile and Papyrus all in the same poem… that flows with the ease of the tall grass blowing in the breeze, visited by the bees to the sound of their hum and the river’s flow..
    Excellent Holly ❤ 🙏💖

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