your kiss

does it still taste of summer oranges?

I can’t forget, I keep your note in

my pocket.

Summer has turned to fall and

my hair the color of autumn leaves.

There’s a garland of abalone

plucked from the river wrapped

around my wrist and on my chest

I’ve etched a song bird fading in a wood

carved world.

I’ve wrapped you in the warmth

of my embrace for fear we may

never kiss kiss again,

still my memory loves you.

132 thoughts on “memory loves you

  1. This is a bittersweet beauty, dear Holly!
    I’m shivering from your thoughts.

    I must draw hair, the colour of autumn leaves…… A tangle of autumn leaves.
    I am inspired!
    What a great song. You pick the best music. xoxoxoxo

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      1. xoxoxoxoxo

        I’ve been working PBH descending into Otherworld to save SheyGoth. I’m almost finished it. It’s a bit different….I’m going to mail you where it’s at so far! xoxoxo

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          1. Me too! 🌻🌸🚍
            Of course I’ll need more drawings… so I’ll just draw what I feel like.
            After Jimi & Jimmy, I’m all ready for a summer of love!
            I’ll send Boogapony tomorrow. I’ll finish it tonight. Then I want to start another Drac. (He’s a very Goth character… SheyGoth will be smitten)
            As you say…… so much to draw, so little time.


          2. I’ve heard that all my life! Although when I was young, I found the energy was all over the place, like the Tasmanian Devil on Bugs Bunny! xoxoxo

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    1. Thank you so much Shey Goth. PBH is being transformed to rescue you from the dark world but suppose she finds it irresistible and decides to form a goth subculture with you? Eeeeee! xx

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  2. Hi Holly!! Thank you so much for your beautiful verses!! I really loved them. They inspired about 7 titles in me – such a sweet gift from You! Hope you are having a great weekend.
    Be safe and watch out for the crazies!

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  3. Every line is so beautifully enchanting and you pulled me right in from the start. I loved the video and the images in the video as well. She has an amazing voice. I can’t pick a favorite line they are all so gorgeous. Love Joni xoxoxox

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