Your eyes are Himalayan  blue, they mutate like the colors of sparkling stars to a silver cold planet. Your indifference defeats me until I am nothing more than an empty  vessel sailed  away to write love letters on diaphanous sails of a windward sloop. When your nights are long and you are far from home, you may find me in the brush of a homeless Chartreux winding about your feet or in the sunflower eyes  of a  gypsy girl waiting by the harbor.

Vincent Van Gogh

156 thoughts on “Chartreux

  1. Wonderful, Holly. Such vivid images. I’ve had experience with sunflower eyed gypsy girls when I lived in Madrid. Fortunately I had nothing in my pockets to pick as two of them like young, lovely octopi had more hands all over me and in every place and every pocket that I wouldn’t have thought it possible without experiencing it.

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    1. We are on the same wavelength Sue, I just came from your amazing post today.
      You’ve inspired me once again. Thank you for such lovely words about this poem, it means so much. ❤️


  2. At reading your poem , Holly, I think of Van gogh, painting sunflowers in Provence in St Remi de Provence . This is an inspired place . I think of Vangogh’s blue eyes and of the spevcial light in this area .
    Love ❤

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