House of Heart

interlacing tendrils weaving
desert sand, Β bodies
stretching, giving way,
every ripple replicated
In the amber sand.
The night desert is damp
With dewdrops of sweet dreams
where each sigh is a vow.
Silently I inscribe
Arabesque across the grain of your skin so when you awaken you will remember.

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116 thoughts on “red dawn

  1. Burning
    like a misplaced vampire
    in the sharpened early-evening sun,
    so much deeper than before
    to feel that shore
    whose ripples and rolls will hold me back.

    They don’t have to offer the ocean
    or cancel the panic that reigns now up here…

    they just have to notice
    and hold me right back.

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  2. I adore this poem!
    The word “Arabesque” seems a poem’s world unto itself, where you have placed it.

    I went to the original. What a riot with ‘Oron. AND I do have a full length pink satin robe that was given to me by Bobby Cannavale. I suppose I was name dropping, but ‘Oron’s more jealous than I name drop.
    I love Meeces to pieces!

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  3. Glad I found this! ❀ Wonderful depiction of the magical Arabian desert – can feel the sigh of the breeze and the kiss of sand beneath my feet. Beautiful, Holly! πŸ˜€

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  4. House of Heart:
    I am in ‘depression mode’ at the moment, but I do thank you for your wonderful work.
    And thank you for your visit to my blog.
    From you
    To see you darken my doorstep:
    Makes me smile inside
    Thank You
    Good Friend

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  5. “With dewdrops of sweet dreams
    where each sigh is a vow”

    Don’t get me wrong, the piece is so beautiful but I oftentimes find myself gravitating to a particular spot. And this morning it was this one. Wow.

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  6. This is really beautiful. I really love every line but
    “stretching, giving way,
    every ripple replicated
    In the amber sand.”
    especially touched me. Just a gorgeous piece of writing my friend. Love ya’ll Joni xoxoxo

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