It is dark and cold and otherworldly deep in Goth World. With the help of multi-gifted Resa and her AGM’s , will Shey Goth return to the light and once again spread beauty throughout the Art Gown World?
Find out at the original … more beauty and wonderful music can be found there.

Art Gowns

Princess Blue Holly descended gracefully into Otherworld.

She was led by her Tangle-Heart. A moonless night was falling, as it watched over the defoliated magic trees.

Upon arrival, Blue Holly adopted the garb of the common peoples of Otherworld. She wandered tirelessly through a dark, eternal 3 a.m., searching for SheyGoth.

At first the song was far away, but PBH followed the music. AGM Shey was an incurable romantic. She was sure SheyGoth was behind the music.

As PBH drew near to SheyGoth, DracGoth intercepted.

“Princess Blue, I call you out! You are not in your league here. You have few powers to do anything. SheyGoth is here of her own free will. She can only leave of her own free will. We are Otherworld lovers.”

Blue Holly faced him dead on, albeit a tad cheeky.

“Was it the red hair that tipped you off? Look, I just want to…

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50 thoughts on “Otherworld Adventure

  1. Thank you dear Holly… PBH…. RR and AGM Holly. AGM Shey/SheyGoth had a difficult decision. Will DracGoth visit her at night in her world? You know, if he doesn’t, he better watch out for The Wrath!!!!
    Yes, yes, he is very appealing, but that does not give him the rights to an entire person.
    The AGMs are up on this deal!

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      1. From now on there will be NO revelry at 3 am!
        AGM Shey should always have an AGM with her at 3 am. We need to invent a clock without a 3! Anyone???

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          1. OH… that sounds fab! ❤

            WHAT!! DRAC is suddenly expropriating VELVET TANGO for Otherworld! He's really a rich basturd! Run AGM Holly, run!

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          2. PERFECT!!!
            He can work for Boogapony! I’ll work him into the next tour!
            Great idea.
            You know, he’s already high maintenance. Uch!

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          3. Okay, well,I have a DVD copy of Romeo and Juliette. I’m going to go watch it, before Norm comes home. He’s not such a fan as I am.
            Then I will look for dots!

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  2. PBH is such a heroine. Great work. Resa and you are so clever. I really love the stories you two come up with, and Resa’s drawings are so wonderful.

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      1. Resa is super amazing. BTW She is getting new art supplies soon. The cursing jar overfloweth! Thanks for the idea. We have to keep Resa well supplied during the lockdown and obnoxious construction project she has to deal with.

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  3. How can we not love these? And now Drac is in the mix! I like what you and Resa are concocting. I’ve zero doubt Resa will make it happen.

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