The Gods have

abandoned me

filled my chest with

starlings and a confection

of summer blossoms

I’ve fallen from my bough

into unplumbed depths

of swirling waters

my eyes have lost their

Gleam and sleep

has forsaken me

my tongue rendered

speechless as everything

that ever died with eyes


let me dream

let me sing

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Mae Moon “starlings”

127 thoughts on “god of starlings

      1. You are a darling to say so.
        And yes, I know it’s a poem but you managed to evoke feeling from me. That’s always a good thing, I say!

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  1. Starlings…
    weaving their restless aches across the sky
    like a smoky black doodle –

    chasing the last of my starlight
    all the way home in the dark.

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      1. Now that depends on one’s perspective. Your grimness is sensual, riding the ephemeral waves of a feminine mystique. Poe’s “The Tale-Tell Heart”, for example, simply beats us to death.

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          1. I’m not a fan of Poe, either. Your poems are much more fun and refreshing with a sensuality that stalemates grimness.

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          2. I think he was probably a victim of his time. But I’m only guessing. It’s wonderful we can raunch and roll is the spicier sides of grim.


  2. Ahh, dream, sing!
    This is like the adult version of the Rockabye Baby who fall from the tree tops, from the broken bough.
    All ends well, caught in loving sleep, to dream, and to be sung to.
    Don’t know why I thought that?
    Beautifully penned, dear Holly! xoxoxo

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  3. Holly, I like the choice of “fallen from my bough” meaning to me my main branch into “unplumbed swirling waters.” I am taking the starlings as a metaphor for her hearing her heart pound as she desperately wants to sleep and dream and awake the next day singing. Was a lost love her “bough?'” Nicely done. Keith

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  4. So beautifully written my friend.

    I love these lines especially.

    β€œGleam and sleep

    has forsaken me

    my tongue rendered

    speechless as everything

    that ever died with eyes”

    Gorgeous writing my friend. Have a blessed memorial weekend. Love ❀️ Joni

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      1. Thank you my friend. I will indeed. Your poetry is truly beautiful. Ever wish there was more time just to read and discover more amazing poets? You enjoy your weekend to. ❀️Joni

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  5. A visually descriptive gem, Holly. A plea to the ether. As ever superb. By the way, a team of many starlings dug up own lawn only least week leaving an artistic mess in the search for a particular insect prone to rise to the surface after the rains…and have we had rain for weeks on end. Regards, The Old Fool

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    1. I don’t know how such tiny beauties with such a lovely name can be so destructive but they are the Godzilla of the bird world. We could use some rain but I’m sure the monsoon season approacheth. We are preparing for Hurricane season which starts June 1st. we barely escaped a cat 5 last year. Yet there is no climate change ( cough) . Have a wonderful day young man.

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