The sun flickers like candles

lighting my surface

breaking the color of my

eyes and hair

Pulled into the vortex

art posed for still life

droplets glimmer like

strings of diamonds

on your silhouette

offshore the dolphins

are mating

as the surf wears away

our castles of sand

138 thoughts on “still life

  1. Gorgeous, dear Holly!
    Not many can live up to your poetic metaphors.
    Each stands on its own, one diamond in a string.

    I think of someone whose poetry comes close… although known more for his guitar’s poetry….
    “And so castles made of sand,
    Fall in the sea, eventually” – Jimi Hendrix

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          1. xoxo Thank you for saying in mail that I depict the AGMs realistically. That’s a fab compliment, considering I’ve turned you all into Gowntoons! LOL!!! xoxo

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          2. It is FUN!!! xoxoxo
            (Almost finished the post! Working on One-Eye’s final thank you to Tim! LOL I gave her scribble lashes)


          3. xoxoxo Okay… I’m going to spend a couple of nights studying/drawing motorcycles.
            This could take time. We will need 6 styles of MCs.
            1 for RR & each of the AGMs.
            I pulled some Indian MCs pics onto my desk top.
            We also have Harley Davidson
            Triumph – BMW – Norton
            Have I picked the best?
            No Yamahas for the AGMs!!!! xoxo


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          4. If you check out my IG account you’ll see several motorcycles, Harley’s , BMW, an antique Indian but that’s too old. Lol. Fun times!!xoxo


  2. Such a beautiful piece brimming with perfect magical imagery – ‘droplets glimmer like / strings of diamonds’ – this was a gorgeous read!

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          1. My pleasure Holly, yes, it is quite a lovely day here, it looked like rain early this morning but the weather turned out perfect, bright, sunny but breezy at 65 degrees Fahrenheit , giving us a break from the higher temperatures we have been experiencing. All the best to you and a great weekend,

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          1. Many memories indeed both beautiful and otherwise but it’s a hot summer day here with a lovely breeze through the palms. I hope you are making wonderful memories Gabriela! β€οΈπŸŒΉβ€οΈπŸ–

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