Our amazing fashionista Resa (One Eye) has rounded up the AGM’s and worked her magic once more. Follow the stardust to her blog…

Art Gowns

🌹Dahlings, welcome to “A Tangle of Scribbles”!  Rene Rosso here presenting Art Gowns’ third Tangle Tribute to Tim from Off Center Not Even, for his gift of pencils & other art supplies for One-Eye.

 I now hand over the mike to our Art Director Rebecca Budd. Rebecca has single-handedly brought back the fad of Palazzo Pants, aka, “the gown of trousers”.

Good evening! During the great pencil drought of 2021, One-Eye had no other course but to do a line of Art Gowns scribbled in black, blue and red ballpoint pen. It’s an exciting collection, so let’s check out the catwalk.

AGM Marina had the first fitting. Being the artistic type, she chose this wild “Why do I have to draw ballpoint scribble gowns?” venting style.

Although AGM Shey lost weight from all the DracGoth 3 am visits , it was good news during fittings. She was the…

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12 thoughts on “A Tangle of Scribbles

  1. Thats great! Thank you for sharing, Holly! Will head over to see more, and wish you a wonderful week! Michael
    P.S.: Sorry, for another delay in revisiting! I hope you are well, and stay save! Michael 🙂

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  2. Resa does wonders. That you so much for letting me know about Resa running out of supplies, Holly. You saved all of us who are addicted to Resa’s wonderful drawings and fantabulous stories with the AGMs. Did Resa tell you about the inspirational coffee cup I included in her care package? You might want to get one if you don’t have on already.

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    1. I can’t imagine her without her art supplies! I don’t know what would happen to the AGM’s. You’ve saved us. I saw the cup and love it. I will have to start a new swear jar, shouldn’t take long to fill that up.

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