House of Heart

What the night birds

sing when dreaming

I can translate to you as though

I were another San Francesco.

They sing this: Open your heart

like the blossom of a Day Lily

kissing the warm night

in the dark light.

Let the Pegasus of your most

daring fantasies fly high.

That’s what they sing

in this sweet night.

poetry by Gurkski

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71 thoughts on “what the night birds sing

  1. GURKSKI wrote some sweet words.
    Love Day Lillies! We have a patch in our postage stamp of a back yard.
    Will take some pics for you, when they bloom!

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    1. I would love that. I don’t have any day Lily, they are sometimes called ditch lilies because they are often seen growing wild along the road sides. Send me a pic! Gurkski’s poetry is wonderful. He was a linguist but at heart at a poet. xoxoxo

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