House of Heart

From the window

as quiet as as a river I can watch

the moon shiver in the breeze

through the fronds of palm trees.

Hibiscus wave like children

their mouths move silently,

hands of garland reach out to

one another.

I am grateful for the sweet

drape of your eyes that like

fluttering wings of birds lift

the shawl of darkness where in

the light prismatic butterflies

breach their chrysalis and

vanish in the arching sky.

These are the riches

the golden sunlight passing through us.

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126 thoughts on “The Riches

  1. So rich full of pictures in my imagination, I can even smell the spring in every word and between the lines. Thank you, dear Holly, that’s a beautiful beginning of the day ❤🤗❤😘😘

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          1. I’m enjoying every letter of your words and every character of your creative winged poetry which gives me the appropriated wings to fly freely faraway, as far as I could only wish. Thank you for that 🙏❤❤🙏

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  2. Holly, “hands of garland reach out to one another.” My eyes lingered over these lines, as well as your start and close. Start with calm moonlight and end with vibrant sunlight. Nicely done, Keith

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  3. These are the riches, for sure.
    Another riches are your words, your ability to express it to us through your use of metaphor and golden phrasing.

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  4. As usual, you have posted a very beautiful poem. I have not seen any of your posts for quite some time. I have so many followers that it is easy to not see all of them. I hope that I can do a better job of keeping up with the things that you write. If there is a way of following by email, that may be a better way of receiving your posts.

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    1. I really appreciate the beautiful compliment. At the bottom of a post there is place to sign up for email notification, also in the Reader at each blog you can select to receive email notifications. I know it’s very difficult to keep up with so many blogs, I do love your visits , thank you 😊

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