From the train I can see miles of Pines,

they seem to go on forever.

There’s a golden wolf howling,

chanting to the midnight Gods.

By morning the Pines give way

to Palm trees and screeching Cicadas.

Tonight the stars reveal the belly

of the world from which we come.

What I have left is a photograph.

Tell me night-time dreamer

why you hold so many secrets

in your heart.

When I look into your eyes all I see is star dust.

Woman Travel By Train Portrait by Ilya - Travel, Woman
art by Ilya

133 thoughts on “Gold Dust

  1. I do hold a lot of secrets in my heart.

    It’s okay! According to your roaming eyes’ taking in the world and beyond, my secrets have become stardust.
    Now, I have something silver, gold and light to sprinkle on you!
    Thank you for this wonderful poem, dear Holly!

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  2. the mystery of the world, there is an inheritance deep inside, and in the calm of night, the flow is peace filled, no negatives, but to find that well inside, you must dig deep, while being patient at the same time, thanks for the words Ms Heart

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  3. Terrific elegy to nature’s gorgeous beauty! ❤ You always choose such enchanting images that sweep the reader away into a magical world, Holly 😊

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  4. Holly, you painted a wonderful scene out the train window. I feel Florida in that train ride and can also smell the ocean as you near the coast. To me the setting plays nicely off the rider having time to think and reflect. Keith

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      1. Holly, it reminded of when I used to drive home to Florida. Late in the day, the setting sun would give a strobe-light effect through the trees onto I-95 heading south. It is surreal and offers a time of reflection as the sunlight flickers. Keith

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  5. I wish I could discover in my mind right now something wonderfully poignant to add to all the thoughtful comments submitted thus far.
    Alas, nothing comes.
    So I will just blurt out what I feel.
    This is wonderful, beautiful, meaningful, deep work.
    I love it.

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  6. ” the belly of the world from which we come ” always you amaze me… So missed your words from me not being here dear Holly, And your poetry is pure Gold….. in this dusty world….

    Sending Huge hugs dear friend.. Thank you for your friendship it is very much appreciated ❤

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