I dreamed you beside me

in a small fishing village

our bare feet dangling

from a weathered  wall.

Stone  soldiers guarding

eternal  holding back the

swell of the rushing sea.

From the beacon of an ancient

lighthouse wings of sea birds

shadowed a forlorn sky

only to vanish in a woeful beam.

A shell at my ear  I held you,

gathered  you in silk netting arms.

Released from my grasp you

slipped away

freed from the catch of dreams.

sea side

105 thoughts on “Net of Dreams

  1. Like your poetry, dreams are powerful other realities.
    Like this poem, sometimes we need to be freed from the catch of dreams.
    Rich words, dear Holly.
    Wealth beyond……..

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      1. Oh how wonderful to live by the sea. What a blessing. I too am pulled towards the ocean, there is something magical in all that power and the beauty beneath it. You are such a gifted poet. We hoped to move to Asheville which is really beautiful but there are bud wars for homes now and we don’t want to fight for anything as we want for nothing. You have a blessed evening too. Love ❤️ Joni

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        1. Asheville is beautiful. I was there once , we stayed there for a motorcycle rally through the Blue Ridge mountains . Such a quaint lovely place! Best of luck with everything and many blessings. ❤️

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          1. Thank you so much and of course you are right, the Blue Ridge Mountains would have been a gorgeous place to ride a bike, beautiful. Many blessings to you as well.
            xoxoxo Love Joni

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  2. Aside from the fact that you’ve capatured the sea, indeed not unlike the coast we live on over here, and made it ‘real’ you’ve combined it with a worthy understated, perfect tale. The last line, ‘…freed from the catch of dreams’ a cocktail of life, love and nature all in one. As ever, a gem.

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          1. I do close comments on some reblogs or when it’s a subject I don’t want to discuss further ie; the political environment in the US presently. I am always so grateful for your encouragement and generosity Colin, it really means a lot to me. 😊

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