The sweltering breath of a summer

squall rushes east to west weaving

through Spanish moss and tender

willows that brush the earth.

discreet voices drift through the

sultry night (Is that possible?).

The storm moves in from the

western horizon, it’s breeze

fresh and clean.

Across the way a single candle casts

shadows on a strangers wall.

In it’s ghostly light a girl dances like

a wild bird to subdued sounds.

Her slender arms take the shape of

starling wings, undulating murmurings,

a melody and she alone drives the night.
art by Steve Goad

142 thoughts on “Murmurings

          1. Thanks for the confirmation, Merril. I thought there was a show. If I ever saw don’t remember what you just described. But then I don’t remember a lot of things all that well these days.

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  1. What a fine recipe of observation, life, hints of hidden romance, magic, storytelling, and the ways of the night. I’ve read it half a dozen times and might just read it once more. Stupendous.

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  2. Nothing says beauty like nature coming alive and you bring elements to life so well Rene. The way you bring motion to everything so fluently is gorgeous. I just pictured wind with sound, motion and bodily movements and the picture you added gave it beauty to its description. Wonderful piece Rene.🌹β™₯️

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  3. Wow! I so loved this!!! You have such a powerful way with words, My Dear! I love how they reach out to my heart – Especially loved your lines:
    “Across the way a single candle casts

    shadows on a strangers wall.

    In it’s ghostly light a girl dances like

    a wild bird to subdued sounds.”

    You know what would make this piece more magnificent? Ha! Your voice reciting it! Please?
    Your followers and I would love it if you would!! That way we can close our eyes and let our mind’s eye show vivid images instead of having our eyes have to read???? πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ‘

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          1. Hearing a writer reciting their own words is so much better than reading them, more personal and you get the inflections and emphasis and volume. Kind of the same reason a phone call can never be replaced by a letter? Other than it can be more easily saved. Yes, I do and I so very, very much appreciate your willingness to do so. You are way too kind and I’m very happy. I will just block out of my mind all the others!

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  4. Holly, well played. It is funny, I just added a paragraph to a refurbished post on John Barry’s movie scores. The paragraph addressed the music to the movie “Body Heat” about the sultry affair of William Hurt and Kathleen Turner in the Florida heat. Your poem could be taken right out of the music and movie. I remember Turner’s character loved the wind chimes as they let her know when a slight breeze was blowing through. Keith

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    1. Wow, such a wonderful compliment! Body Heat is one of my favorite movies. I’ve been watching a lot of old movies lately, I’m going to have to find that one. Thank you my friend, you’re too kind.

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  5. You are the Isadora Duncan of poetry!
    Your words are silk raiment, and metaphors are long fluid scarves flying in the wind of dance.
    I’ve employed the moss and willows to be my brushes. They are magic on a piece of paper.

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