By Gurkski

dithyrambs & ditties

And here, before the poem starts,

outspokenly wild and immense thanks to Lisa Gerrard .

I once had a postcard pic of a boy in Viet Nam running  down  a dirt road  to 

Escape Napalm. 

This nude little fellow human

Nearly died from the shock

of  bombs dropped 

by the soldiers of an army

 that  may have meant well. 

  • I can tell you, can you tell it  back to me ? 

For the sake of

mankind: Will you please

stop killing  innocents? 

I imagine Kissinger keeps his Franconian grin while suffering the reward for all those atrocities.  

Fortunately for him he departed  soon enough

to avoid the gory NAZI games

which would have sealed his fate


*this is Dead Can Dance!

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