The dreamers walk among us . . . and so do the dreamed.

Maggie Stiefvater — ” Call Down the Hawks”

We circle the trees by the river where the swallows are darting above the branches. Spotting us they rise like a cloud and swirl on the current like some fantastical beast of air and feathers. Forming a dense echelon they darken the earth below them. At night they seek refuge in the crowns of ancient trees instinctively aware that they are near their destination. At dawn they take to the heavens again, the mission bells are calling them home.

Old Mission Painting - San Juan Capistrano by Mary Giacomini

art by Mary Giacomini

Inspired by a collaboration “The Swallows of Capistrano”

68 thoughts on “Between Two Rivers

  1. Really beautiful my friend.
    I love these gorgeous lines:

    “At night they seek refuge in the crowns of ancient trees instinctively aware that they are near their destination.”

    Lovely descriptive piece. Sending hugs your way. Love ❤️ Joni

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  2. I love it, Holly. Excellent piece. I took Spunk to the vet yesterday. My vet, who is a lovely redhead like you, rides a Harley. It must be something about you wild redheads. She just got back from Sturgis. She and her husband rode up last week. She said it was packed. Everyone is getting out after being cooped up for a year.

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    1. Thank you Timothy. That’s awesome about your redheaded veterinarian. I considered that, but went another way. Anyway Covid is wild here , our hospitals are packed. This Harley girl would not be going to Sturgis , maybe when we get through this Pandemic. I hope Spunk is ok, nothing serious I hope. Sending ear rubs to him. 🤗

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      1. I was just getting Spunk checked out a little better. He has wormhole PTSD from falling into a wormhole and spending time in whatever dimension for 3 weeks. We are not going to Belgium to present our papers. We are presenting them remotely. Everything is still too whacked-out and crazy.

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  3. MESMERIZING! I read that passage and felt as if I was floating.
    I’m new on WordPress. I’m a cancer survivor and was prompted by many to write my story.
    Would you like to follow me so I can at least feel as if I’m being heard?
    No pressure.

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      1. I’ll fly there with you tonight on a cloud of music.
        We can sit in comfy horseshoe banks with glasses of wine created by the rhythms.
        Then, special notes & sounds from the lead guitar will place us on touring motorcycles, and we will ride.
        (I requested “Fly Like an Eagle”)
        Norm doesn’t call the songs, but I asked if he could suggest!

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          1. It was beautiful!!!!
            I hope it’s recorded!!!
            One day, when Covid allows, and I go down for a set… I will record it, with video. Although, Voice Memos seem to sound better. xoxoxo
            Ready to bug N, nicely, at dinner!
            I’ll make his faves! lol xoxoxoxo

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