We begin making things up by six or seven. Minds of hummingbirds we sip from wells of illusion. Come with me to the eddy of an ever prodding muse to dip our wings in her breathtaking colors.

I Leave as though I am going to work. Instead I walk downtown to meld with the chaotic masses, searching eyes infused with survival. As the morning wears on relentless chatter becomes an undercurrent of whispers that fades with the crowd. The strong scent of sweat and coffee stings my nostrils, clings to my skin. Alien faces are forever etched behind my eyes.

Making my way to the metro I pass the warehouse district. A young addict sleeps against the graffiti covered wall that like her unkempt hair turns golden in the sunset. Her arms are folded around her knees. Awakened from induced euphoria by the nudge of a worn boot she glances upward, her skeletal hand fumbles in the pocket of her threadbare jeans, fishes out a handful of dollars. Glancing in both directions he tucks it beneath his belt and in exchange hands her a small bag. I wonder how she will sleep in the night cold. It reeks of urine here, even the stray dog lifts his feet. I glance her way again, leaving her to isolate to death.

Passing a vacant garden I pluck a flower and playfully slip it behind your ear. From the same garden we share an apple that reminds me of an autumn orchard and a love struck boy whose memory compels me to press my body against yours in search of that trigger, that wild place in my mind that is precious only if it is gone. When you go I can finally empty my mind of the devastation. I know you think it’s crazy but to me it makes sense.

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