House of Heart

I can watch butterflies

float weightless over gardens

Stained glass collages of

amber rust and brown

set in facets of sable veins

they hover over flowers

compound eyes and fluttery feelers

faces smeared flaxen

too fine for the eye to see

Free from fear

death is not a concept on

that mystical journey

If I am silent I can watch.

art by Nature Works

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98 thoughts on “If I Am Quiet

  1. Wow! What a beautiful poem about our fine fluttery friends, Holly. Yes “If I am silent I can watch.” If you are patient and stealthy, you can follow them around from one flower to the next becoming hypnotized by their “Stained glass collages” flashing “amber rust and brown…”

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  2. What a beautiful poem!
    You’ve described a perfect place!
    Velvet stained glass mosaics fluttering over flowers.
    Now, if I can just be quiet! The urge to verbally communicate with the butterflies is strong.
    My tongue has wings and wants to hover over gardens with them.

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