Welcome, welcome all, to A Carnival of Color! I’m Rene Rosso 🌹, and I present to you the most colour you will ever see on any catwalk, anywhere. All hail our dahling Art Director Rebecca Budd! Wearing bias cut faux tartan print palazzo pants, with coordinated accessories, she has earned the feathers in her hat […]

A Carnival of Colour — Art Gowns

44 thoughts on “A Carnival of Colour — Art Gowns

  1. These are so beautiful and creative. I love how this was such a community collaboration. You even had Tim’s tree “heart tree” in the mix. I love all the introductions and the colors too. What a treat to see the gowns at the end. Lots of work, beautifully designed gowns, writing and just so much fun. Thank you all so much. Love and hugs to all. 🤗❤️🤗❤️Joni

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  2. Holly, thanks for sharing Resa’s amazing gifts. Also, always enjoy listening and watching Heart. We had the good fortune of seeing them live from close up seating. Seeing Nancy play this song wears you out as I am sure it does her. Also, when she introduced her sister Ann as someone with one of greatest rock and roll voices, we could not disagree. Keith

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