The night is wet,
drops of  rain  glisten
on a slick sidewalk.
In my hurry I step through
shallow puddles that
Glisten in the misty glow
of  amber street lamps.
There is a trace of salty
blood where I’ve bitten 
my lip but my eyes  brim
with life and nonsensical love.
When we meet you kiss
lashes silvery with tears and 
taste blood rose on
shivering lips. 
For the moment we forget
you  want too much and that 
 I will take whatever you  give.
Photo by Marta Dzedyshko

” I love you, I love you,
Like a fool, like a soldier
Like a movie star
I love you, I love you
Like a wolf, a king,
Like a man that I am not “

je t’aime ” by Serge Gainsbourg

139 thoughts on “Blood Rose

  1. Holly, your last two lines are revealing as to why she has bitten her lip and has been crying. To me, it reads like she is in love with a narcissist who wants more from her than he is prepared to give in return. Maybe that is the reference to “nonsensical love.” Or, maybe it is the more garden variety problem where she is more in to him than vice versa for whatever reason. Good work my friend. Keith

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  2. Some days,
    wanting too much means everything…
    means wanting something
    that the world has no eyes sunk deep enough to see.

    But I’ll take what caves you have,
    and swim there ’til the dam breaks
    and the Universe cries itself loose from my heart.

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      1. Always an honor and pleasure to read and share your posts, Holly! The news from your state always makes me think of you and say prayers for the safety of You and yours!! So many fools starting with DeSantis.
        Hope you have a great TGIF! 😊💕🌹

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        1. Thank you Chuck For thinking of me. I hope you are staying well. There’s nothing more I can say about the red states. They are rogue. The Governor in Texas is leading the way and DeSantis is trying to keep up.
          Sending lots of warm wishes to you and yours. ❤️🌹

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  3. The spirit in your words touched me and gave birth to a large smile! I am alive, and have missed your daily gifts to us! Hugs and blessings always!

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          1. I understand. It is finally in the seventies which I love. It is just going to keep getting hotter. I hope it cools off soon for you. I bet it is hot at work with your PPE gear. Bless your heart. 🤗❤️💕🦋

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  4. Wow Holly that was so lyrical and beautifully penned with desire and yearning. loved it all and these lines…
    When we meet you kiss
    lashes silvery with tears and
    taste blood rose on
    shivering lips.
    For the moment we forget
    you want too much and that
    I will take whatever you give.”

    Sadly true of too many!💖

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