The trees are filled with blossoms
they wave beneath the pale sky
like pink hands of impish children.
Meet me in the orchard
before summer slips away,
I want to dip my hand in
the cold brook just to feel
the ache.
Naked among bird of paradise
sun-drenched thighs wet with dew
feed me sweet red apples
while they are nothing more
than fruit. 
Why Was There Forbidden Fruit in the Garden of Eden in the First Place?

150 thoughts on “Reinvented

  1. Imagery, as you know above most us, is the key to poetry. You have, always, imagery in shedloads. Take this wonderful piece. The words, ‘wave’; ‘pink hands’; ‘impish’; and so many more bring the poem alive and well. As ever, your poetry paints pictures in the mind of others. Superb, young Holly

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  2. How achingly beautiful.. feel the yearning poignantly portrayed. It’s heart touching , the words you pen spring from the purity of your soul.
    I came to get inspired and I am.

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        1. Thank you Chuck. No, nothing affects my work. Very sweet of you to care. We are still doing elective surgeries etc. I’m pleased the mandate are are being enforced. It’s a constant battle with this moron DeSantis. His ruthless ego has killed a lot of naïve Floridians. 🧡🍁🤗

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          1. Of Course, always keep you in my thoughts and prayers!!! Especially, with your crazy Governor. I am so very pleased to hear that they are enforcing a mask mandate where you work. I think Abbott and DeSantis are running a race to be the worst Governor ever!! It is so sad that they are willing to sacrifice the lives of others for their political power and futures!!! 😊💕🌹

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  3. Holly, well played. I love your use of “Reinvention” and the reference to the apple which was just fruit before it became “forbidden.” I feel these two young loves are experiencing what Adam and Eve did in the garden. They are reinventing their teenage years with their tryst in the orchard. They will never be the same. Keith

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          1. Pies, isn’t it fabulous! My entire marriage hinged on learning to bake a pie. Marriage # 1. My Grandmother was a wonderful cook, southern style. my husband was from Chicago so we went northern style.

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  4. Holly this is so very beautiful. Every line a lovely picture painted. So incredibly descriptive.
    These lines were especially gorgeous

    “like pink hands of impish children.
    Meet me in the orchard
    before summer slips away,

    Sending my love and hope all is well dear Holly. xoxoxxo Joni

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          1. I should have gotten your permission. We are very careful, I think I told you I have had the booster because of two autoimmune disorders. I am great thank you sweetie. Love you 🤗❤️💕Joni

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          2. I too have have received the booster. Yet there are the anti vaxxers and anti mask wearing that puts us all at risk and living under the threat of this pandemic. 120,000 children have lost a parent to Covid yet they ( the naïve ) still believe it’s their right to reject mitigation. ❤️🧡🤗🌼🌻

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          3. I don’t know how you do it sweetie. I have an acquaintance in our neighborhood that is an anti-vaxxers. I will not be around any of their family. That is a tragic statistic that likely could have been avoided. I am glad you have the booster, I feel that helps but I will continue praying for you and all those helping others. As of October 6, 68 million Americans are still not vaccinated. Average daily deaths around the world average 8,000 per day. In a hospital in Billings Montana a non vaccinated patient on a gurney threw his feces on a Doctors face and also hit an intubated patient with his feces. They were at 160 percent capacity. Most were non vaccinated. I can’t imagine how hard it is for nurses, doctors, CNA’s and the list goes on, to deal with the anger. God bless you Holly I have so much respect for you. Please take care of yourself. “May God hold you in His Hands.” Love you 🤗❤️💕

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