The sun is slipping down the horizon 
the sunset threatens to disappear
Like a rusty penny
An echelon of wild geese gather above
so I follow grey wings into the storm.

My arms are branches and you are
my nourishment
cut me down to a boat.
My spine a sturdy keel , my hair
unfurled sails.  A distant lighthouse
my only lamp for you hold the stars
in your hand.
If red sails are cast into a cleft too
deep for me to cross
I was trying to get to you. 


145 thoughts on “To Get To You

          1. Yeah,, they play that quite often… and Fly like an Eagle.
            There are nights where it’s all Stones.
            Sometimes they get on a Dylan kick.
            Then there’s the Who.
            Once in awhile Born to be Wild.
            They play a lot of variation, but they sure love that scratchy old rock’n’roll! πŸ€—πŸ€—xx

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  1. Oh my, Holly, this is breathtakingly beautiful. Such a deep longing in this piece, it is almost hauntingly so, as one feels the strength of that emotion expressed so perfectly.

    “My spine a sturdy keel , my hair
    unfurled sails. A distant lighthouse
    my only lamp for you hold the stars
    in your hand.”

    Such an incredibly gifted poet, and such a very special young lady as well. Sending you lots of love and many hugs. Always holding you along with all the medical professionals around the world up in prayer for strength and safety. Love and big southern hugs, Joni xoxoxoxo

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      1. Always an honor and pleasure to read and share your posts, Holly! I think DeSantis is falling behind Abbott in creating chaos. That’s a good think for you and Floridians. Hope You and yours are healthy and safe!

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          1. Ha! You cracked me up with that comment. Well, Texas has had a lot more years fine tuning this toxic ****!
            Just saw that Florida is up at about #3 or #4 in per capita Covid cases – not good. Hope you have a great weekend with good weather. Stay safe and healthy, My Dear! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•πŸŒΉ

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          2. Sadly we are always competing for top spot in Covid cases and death in the state of Florida. Our Governor is doing all he can to kill as many as he can. Fighting vaccines and masking. Withholding pay from our school boards if they require masking as though he is too stupid to know that is how we can jeep our schools open. He’s a stupid Man but Republicans seem to go big for stupid. My advice is stay away from Florida, our Hospitals are overwhelmed and it’s Biketoberfest so lots of crime and flag Waving. β€οΈπŸ€—

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          3. You are so right and it’s really wonderful to have you in the same boat, just different states! Why are they wanting to kill off their own, including children. Oh, and did you see/hear this? I loved it. It’s the perfect answer for the unvaccinated and the anti-mask crowd.
            Hope you have a great weekend, My Dear! Stay away from the Crazy!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–πŸŒΉ

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          4. Thanks for the link. Excellent. It’s hard ton stay away from the crazies down here. As a native Miamian I never thought I’d say that. Trump changed everything , sort of like Mussolini.

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  2. A classic. My favourite line within excellent words? ‘A distant lighthouse my only lamp for you hold the stars in your hand’. ‘Tis words of love…true love. You have the gift and that young Holly speaks for itself.

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  3. Such a gorgeous scene! You always weave enchanting imagery throughout your masterpieces – can picture that tender yearning so well with the vessel seeking the refuge of a distant shore ❀

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  4. I’m late to the party so it’s all be said.. where Resa is a Sorceress of the Cloth, you are a Sorceress of the poetic word. Your imagery is divine and you sweep us away with you every time.
    So lovely.

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