Indulging Conjecture

Pink sand pulls away
from the glistening shore
melting fondant in the
sticky heat
Minute  ecosystems inhabit
tiny  grottoes in  tide pools
of wet sand
Some days I stroll the coast alone
escaping into secret realms of lovers
where there is no logic but
an aching crush I hold to my breast
a passage between a heart and the
mountains where I left you
Allow me to come undone beneath
tender hands on eggshell
the gentle quake of a sigh upon your
unshaven cheek
Let me   drown in the green river of
your eyes where there
is no threat of war hard silence
or the burden of forgiveness

Jennifer in Velvet Tango

Jennifer and Resa’s Velvet Tango…

Art Gowns

It’s a gluttony of beauty.

In the middle of a Pandemic, Jennifer, who is not a professional model, modelled an Art Gown. Why? Well, I helped mentor her into the Costume department in the film biz. This was her idea of a payback.

It was a first class thrill to see Velvet Tango on Jennifer. I only took around 1200 pics. It’s taken me weeks to choose the best 130, then pare that down to the ones you see in this post.

It was an overcast day. The above shot was taken when the sun came out briefly, but I don’t understand why it is so very different. There were about 6 shots that came out like this.

Bewitched by all the choices, I decided to post them in the location order that they were taken. We started on the fire escape.

Above is the only gust of wind during…

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Blood Rose

The night is wet
drops of  rain  glisten
on the slick sidewalks.
In my hurry I dodge
the  dark puddles that
Glisten in the misty glow
of  amber street lamps
There is a trace of rosy
blood where I have bitten
my lip but my eyes  brim
with life and nonsensical love
When we meet we smile
and  kiss silvery lashes
The taste of   blood rose on
shivering lips
For the moment we forget
You  want too much and
 I will take whatever you  give.

” I love you, I love you,
Like a fool, like a soldier
Like a movie star
I love you, I love you
Like a wolf, a king,
Like a man that I am not.
I love you like that”
*English lyrics to” je t’aime ” written by Serge Gainsbourg

Still Standing

8 Year Anniversary Achievement

“Happy Anniversary with!You registered on 8 years ago.Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging”.

That’s a long time… I hope you will endure some visits to my archives and enjoy the reblogs of other amazing writers, authors, poets, photographers, artists that we have in abundance at WP.

The last of Banksy


Gangsta rat. Banksy expo, Paris, 2019

Have Gangsta rats taken over? I can think of a few names.

“Last of Banksy”? No worry, as far as I know Banksy is alive and well. I’m just running out of material. Banksy’s. No fear. Plenty of other stuff. Those are my last photos of Banksy’s fab’ expo last year in Paris. Enjoy.

“Fly, fly…” sang Nat King Cole in a – oh so – distant past.

Wagner’s Walkyries come to mind. Apocalypse “now”?

CND Soldiers

I can’t help but feeling concerned that the Tramp claims the “support of 200 generals”. Correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t the Army pledged to the Constitution first and foremost?

Stood up.

Artificial intelligence. The way of the future… Have you tried making an appointment with any service provider lately? “Press 16 if you want to talk to a…

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Welcome Back Frank

A little reminder or heads up to those who have missed Frank from “aFrank Angle”. After a brief break Frank is back in full force at

Frank invites us along on his thoughtful and energizing beach strolls to share his reflections on life. Frankly I can attest to the beauty of this experience. Hats off to my beach friend and I hope you will join him on his journey when he officially opens for business on October 20th. You can sign up today. Welcome back dear Frank. You have been missed. I’m thrilled to find you have returned to share the beauty of a Beach Walk.

Memory Loves You

I wonder about your kiss

does it taste of honeyed oranges

summer has turned to fall and

my hair is the color of autumn leaves

for you I’ve a garland of abalone that

I plucked from the banks of the river

Though I have wrapped you in the

warm breeze of my embrace

I fear we will never kiss

still memory loves you

Just Once More

I’ve  unfastened  knots

expunged cruel disputes

expelled grief to an acceptable level

Hidden sadness behind a wink and smile

cast all  doubts out to sea

We’ve conquered the boundaries of both hemispheres

where we traveled half-blind in the mist

Let me have you hold you adore you once more

and if it  don’t work out then you can tell me goodbye.

Night Music

Like a Butterfly

A heart can fall like a suicide 
descending shades of midnight
frozen blossoms on an icy lake
a silent  breeze of despair

Let my tongue flirt like 
a butterfly among  wildflowers
 rather than polish scars 
de-bride old wounds