The Lighthouse

I am a lone bird wheeling jagged edges

of ancient cliffs above the shallows

of a rough Dover sea.

My  feathers gleam in the beam of

the lighthouse where gentle swells

pulse against rocky shores  

where in dreams you held me tenderly like 

treasured pearls.

I have abandoned the lighthouse

that seems to lean closer to the sea

waiting in vain at the tide swept shore.

The beam has ceased its search

still each time I pass I  tip my  wing.

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You have left your

finger prints on my soul

for you I would journey

to that place that haunts me

between midnight and dawn

where we are imperfect

in those unseen dreams

where the only sound is the

unfolding of Origami swans

a disassembling of tenderness

where I capture what

I cannot keep

Wonderful illusion painting by Karol Bak - Ego - AlterEgo

Big enough for heart

John, you are a treasure. I’m counting on you.

Woodsy the Performance Poet

I wrote this a while back in response to a very personal piece on House of Heart, about people we had hoped to hold a little longer.

Despite what the movies and the clichés tell us, things don’t always end neatly or beautifully… but it’s worth something that there are still those out there, like Holly, offering a little sanctuary and hope to those who are running on empty…

I’m sorry I couldn’t be there,
shine with you,
watch you grow from
sharpening your poems on blades of grass,
cuddling small clouds
who followed you home,

to lying undefeated on your bed,
checking out phantoms and raindrops
on your windows
after a day stained with comedowns
and air strikes,
holding your breath for fingerstrokes
that gallop on thighs
young enough to believe in adventure.

I’m sorry I couldn’t be there
for all of these things,
laugh with you

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Princess Blue Holly vs Etamilc Egnahc

The adventure continues at Resa’s (One Eye) Art Gowns! Don’t miss it!

Art Gowns

It was a very serious situation!

The moment Rene Rosso felt Rebecca Budd’s estranged & frantic energy, she instinctively morphed into Princess Blue Holly.

Princess Blue Holly looked into her Tangle-Heart. The signal was weak.

Her Tangle-Heart managed to connect via the moon to a magic orb from Dale’s Peach tree.

It led Blue Holly to a wind farm outside of Chicago. It was here she found the Art Gowns Models planted firmly into the good earth.

She also found the tornado that had captured them. It was Etamilc Egnahc.  Poor thing had once been Blue Holly’s friend; a gentle, soothing summer breeze. Then climate change turned her into a PBH nemesis.

“Blue Holly, welcome to my Art Gowns Models Plantation! Seems whenever the Art Gowns Models are in jeopardy, you come to the rescue. Well, you’re too late! They’re already growing roots, and once they go to seed…

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A young birch sways

like a new-born giraffe

its limbs lean out

over wilted grass

and ocher vines bind

a sightless sentry

whose eyes never flinch

but guard eternal.

The silence of winter

stacks on solitary bones

until May winds stir

the crowns of trees

flush with suspended


powerless to fly on.

art by rick nilson


Woodsy the Performance Poet

I wish you wanted me

in a gentle way
that made sense of shadows
on the days when the rains came.

I wish you wanted me

in a funny way –

funny strange,
like the leaves on sea trees,
growing out
beyond the tide
and dropping their plankton leaves up into sky…

or funny funny,
funny silly,
funny crazy like a barrel,
down a mountain…

down a stream…

I wish that was you
with the sponge in your hand,

saving the washed-away colour of me…

pulling me back from the rain.

I wish I knew you,
who you,
what you were…

and I wish you wanted me,

right here,
right now,
where nothing does…

where nothing exists outside the train

that’s never gonna call at my station again.

I wish you could see the little world I made,
here in a river,
weeping me free…

and I wish…

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God Spun

I am a constellation
pasted to a smear of deep sky or
some god spun leaf drifting
a wintry blue pond or a

flame living in fire.
My tongue turns silvery around
my words, do not take them
for sorrow I have named them

Do not forget me.
I still need you to carry me
over the pierce of thorns for
My hands are good for nothing

but a plea do not forget me
I am still here my hair a tangle
of stars.


One of the treats tables…

Happy Halloween, it’s party time with Gigi and the Chicklets! Don’t be shy with the Candy Corn, we have lots!

Rethinking Life

Beth brought Fairy Lights and Holly, who is responsible for the treats tables, made her well loved Corn Bread and so many other goodies, as well as bowls of candy corn.  The chicklets and their guests love her baking and treats.  Holly also brought her dog, Tide, and cat, Bagheera, as well.  Tide was a bit shy at first, but the chicklets sat quietly next to where he was hiding, until he felt safe enough to come out.  Bagheera was fine right from the start and promised not to catch and eat anyone. There is hay, carrots, apples and all kinds of treats for everyone.  Treat tables are always set up everywhere, since there are so many different kinds of guests.  Some of the food has to be low to the ground, since a lot of the chicklets and guests can’t reach the tables.  But everyone manages and they always…

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Love, sweet love!

Resa and Norm

Recently I came across a photograph of our lovely Fashionista, Resa McConaghy, and her beloved Norm.

Norman is a GUITAR PLAYER & COMPOSER. They lived in Miami for almost a year in the 80’s. Norman was working on writing songs and had an arrangement with a recording studio there. They lived in an amazing older home on Miami Beach. It was quite grand with a Florida Room and a maid’s apartment along the side. Per Resa, The original owners must of had a fab life there. They were renting it from an Argentine businessman who had bought it.
When they returned with Norm’s songs it led to a record deal in the 1990’s.

a-kiss-forever copy.jpg

Norman at work!

Love is What is Needed

by Holly Rene Hunter

Here in paradise

the sun goes down on the

crescent shore of an empty beach

she found herself with a guitar man

and A life time of memories

It seemed so clear then and now

love is what is needed

Indulging Conjecture

Pink sand pulls away
from the glistening shore
melting fondant in the
sticky heat
Minute  ecosystems inhabit
tiny  grottoes in  tide pools
of wet sand
Some days I stroll the coast alone
escaping into secret realms of lovers
where there is no logic but
an aching crush I hold to my breast
a passage between a heart and the
mountains where I left you
Allow me to come undone beneath
tender hands on eggshell
the gentle quake of a sigh upon your
unshaven cheek
Let me   drown in the green river of
your eyes where there
is no threat of war hard silence
or the burden of forgiveness