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Resa, Shehanne, and the Hamsters, divine.

shehanne moore

HIS JUDAS BRIDE interview/review by RESA McCONACHY.

This fiery, passionate romance thrills without much graphic reference. True, Lady Kara wears a see through gown, revealed at the top of the story. However, it’s not her choice. She makes many choices, good and bad, but her gowns are imposed by her vile father.

Comments are in regular type.My questions are in italics.Shey’s answers are in bold.

1 – Shey,I want to draw Lady Kara in her gowns. It feels like 1700. Is there an exact year to this tale?

I based the Trojan horse premise of this book on the actual Glencoe Massacre. Let’s be clear that whole bit of Scotland was a law unto itself. South of the highland line was an entirely different Scotland. Anyway, the way to get into Glencoe, which was pretty impregnable at that time, was to come as friends. I liked…

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Praise for Pantheon by Eric Syrdal

This stunning book by Eric is due out this Fall.

Sudden Denouement Collective

“Pantheon” is a thrilling philosophical journey exploring the depth and meaning for one passing through a metaphorical world of inner demons and dragons, goddesses of the soul, of warrior and poet. A journey that crosses boundaries of time, space, and perception.  I am captured by the intimate revelations of this intuitive and sympathetic protagonist battling the dark ages of his subconscious moving instinctively forward into innerscape, relying upon and exalting the virtue goddesses that guide and deliver him from barbarity and trial by ordeal both physical and spiritually as he transports from one state of being to another, from one point of time to another”

Holly Rene Hunter
House of Heart

“The poetry is densely colourful, rich in imagery and sensuality, boldly imaginative and deeply sensitive to the human condition, while being written with clarity and emotional pull. I found myself sitting for three hours, empty coffee cups scattered around me…

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I think of haiku as evocative snapshots constructed of words: the flash photography of literature, transcendent images, meditations.  I have received a copy of  “Haiku Poems”,  the work of AshiAkira.  Most of us know him as  a master of haiku poetry. This  work of art is among the most beautiful I have read.  So lovely, I believe it would receive a well deserved nod of admiration from the the renown Basho, haiku poet of the Edo period in Japan, were he fortunate to be around to enjoy it.   Thank you so much Ashi,  your  book will remain  one of  the  most treasured among my books of poetry.


IMG_2910 (2)


In Haiku Poems, author AshiAkira shares a collection of nearly five hundred haiku poems written in English retaining  the beauty of the original Japanese form.  As a poet and admirer of the art of haiku, I highly recommend adding this gem of poetry to your collection.

Find this  beautiful book here: