“Love is a journey through waters and stars, through suffocating air, sharp tempests of grain:
Love is a war of lightning, two bodies ruined by a single sweetness”   Pablo Neruda 


Between wake and sleep
I feel the brush of your hand
cold as winters breath.
I thought I glimpsed you in
lightning strokes through my window
heard your steps come and go
down halls still echoing departure
as night slips away
 the mist of yesterday recedes
over the lake of time
So that you may see what is left
of me I’ve etched your eyes to mine
Dismembered by scythes of devastation
we scatter like autumn leaves
You go where gravity pulls you
disappear through shimmering veils
or wind down my cheek like teardrops
settling in the hollow of my throat
conscious fingers of stars gliding
over hoarfrost fields or weeping willows
sweeping an ice capped pond.


art by Brad Kunkle

Three Day Quote – Day Two

Thank you Tintins @  https://swervestrikesback.wordpress.com/  for inviting me to participate in Three Days Three Quotes.  Thank you for including me in this fun project.


“Bring me all of your dreams,
You dreamers,
Bring me all of your
Heart melodies
That I may wrap them
In a blue cloud-cloth
Away from the too-rough fingers
Of the world”

Langston Hughes “Dream Keeper”


This challenge is open to all.  Please  inspire us with your words.