Surely fall

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A Faded Romantic's Notebook


I have never met her.

Yet I can smell her scent on my fingers.

I can hear her laughter. The way it lifts and dances and makes me smile.

I can feel the press of her body, her skin soft against mine, my face buried in her hair,  I can imagine how she responds to my touch, the blush in her throat, the quickening of her breath and the rising of her breasts.

The hardening of her nipples. Her wetness against my thigh.

I can taste her kiss. So vividly that I am running the tip of my tongue over my lips to capture the sweetness.

I can see her eyes, bright, eloquent, shining, luminous.

Making me sigh.

I have never met her

But if I did

I would surely fall.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Art by Steve Hanks

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Princess Blue Holly – 2

PBH super hero, advocate for the earth, animals, assault on women (and men) eco crimes etc. is getting quite a following and (quote unquote Resa) “She will clean one’s clock w/ titanium boots featuring retracting needles loaded with concentrated poison berry venom.” So, please enjoy the amazing artwork of Resa and get on the bandwagon. Princess Blue Holly.

Graffiti Lux Art & More

Princess Blue Holly is the first Superhero who changes outfits, crime dependant!

Above: Princess Blue Holly avenges Crimes Against Animalsin her Cat-O-Nine Tails ensemble. The 9 tails braid themselves into 1 tail in the back, when not in use. Best not to get lashed with a tail! The ends are equipped w/ spiny holly leaves & poison berries. Scratches, with berry juice seeping in, will make you see the light.

It all began with Crazy Free Art to music. I wanted to draw PBH, but she already has an outfit. I went renegade, & just did what I felt like. It’s scribbly, but we thought this could be an outfit to avenge Eco Crimes, Monsanto specifically!

Holly & I are working on PBH, together. Click on the poem, and visit her blog!

Below: Princess Blue Holly decks out for a night of fighting Crimes in a City’s Dark…

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Beautiful !

My Sword and Shield....

In that instant
I saw for the briefest of moments
The evening horizon reflected
In the dark pools of her eyes
And I can’t
For the life of me
Remember having seen anything
Before that

Scribes came
From the four corners of the land
Spilling dusty tomes
From the folds of their robes
Upon the mosaic floor
I poured through them
one by one
Ancient texts, encompassing
The whole of creation
Eveything that ever was or will be
And there was no entry
To be found
For Her

The ink on these pages
A pigment formed from the ashes
Of the birth of creation
Emblazoned here
Upon the pulped memory
of a tree born long before my shadow was ever cast by our sun
Her soul was no work of creation
It was prelife
Beyond anything that could be considered

I took up my sword
With rusted edge

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Graffiti Lux Art & More

This post is a loving tribute to all Rhinos. RHINOS Gigi made Rhinos for Holly, Beth and Resa. Aren’t they beautiful? They each got to name their own Rhino. They decided their Rhinos should meet for a playdate in a Flower Fairy Garden. Of course, where there are flowers, there are butterflies. Hello, Butterfly Boa […]


Rhinos’ Playdate