We are born of sun and stars,

fallen from a soft place,

floating  seas of the  universe,

the blue and gold of a moonlit sky.

Ice crystals of cold rainbows drip

down  our windows.

Further  out they  hang over purple hills

or fall from the eyes of dreamers

whose  silent tears fill  the world with

diamond dust.











What would it feel like

to step into courage,
rush forward without hesitation
the way of the  Leopard whose cubs are in danger?
To  face  our greatest fear,
adrenaline heart pounding,
confronting  the enemy in an arena of dread.
Challenge the antagonist,  face down the bully
fight the battle until it is won,
how would it feel?
Is there no place for courage in these
empty vessels?
It is   safer to accept what we fear
we can’t change.



Play it Safe

with nothing to remember

At days end with the sun casting

a crimson glow across the horizon

I thought of you.

The ocean is thick with salt and the

sand is etched with patterns of an

ambivalent tide.

I am pared down to dark and light.

I open  our souvenir of closed doors

with swords and sighs

to coax alive the brightest stars

so you  may find me in wind furled sails.

The  sea is  a moon struck epiphany and

in the slightest chance of receiving I have cast

my dreams to an incoming storm as if

I were the rain with nothing to remember

or forget.



Keine Erinnerung

An Tagen, die enden, indem die Sonne den Horizont
mit einem karmesinroten Leuchten überschüttet,
habe an dich gedacht.
Das Meer ist gesättigt von Salz und der
Sand ist übersäht von gebrochenen
Ich bin nur noch Dunkelheit und Licht.
Ich öffne unser Andenken, geschlossene Türen,
mit Schwertern und Seufzern,
die hellsten Sterne zu beleben;
so kannst du mich finden, zwischen windumtosten Segeln.
Das Meer ist mondlichtbeschienene Offenbarung, und
bei der geringsten Möglichkeit, dass du es bist, der kommt, verwandelte ich
meine Träume in einen heranziehenden Sturm, als sei ich
Regen, der weder Erinnerung bietet
noch Vergessen.

(Deutsch: Hutschi)













wild Geese and gilded rivers

This is a day of  sun kissed

stones and summer winds,

of wild geese adorning river banks,

their graceful necks and gilded feathers

remind me that I am nothing more.

The lush arms of   live oak reach out

and up across  the fragrant waters

to weightless clouds.

Dipping my  fingers through slanted curtains

of  green and amber circlets I hold my

reflection in  cupped hands.











Three days – Three quotes

Thank you Simon at Planet Simon ( for inviting me to participate in Three Days Three Quotes.  Thanks so much  for including me in this fun  challenge.
These are the guidelines:
  • Thank you to the person who nominates you
  • Post one quote per day for 3 consecutive days
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“Bring me all of your dreams,
You dreamers,
Bring me all of your
Heart melodies
That I may wrap them
In a blue cloud-cloth
Away from the too-rough fingers
Of the world”

Langston Hughes “Dream Keeper”



you can tell me

Tell me how you pass the hours.
That slanted smile,
does it hide shackles of pride
  (I have mine too).
You are my obsession,
undulating sensations that
can’t be restrained.
What I know of you
I have learned  through osmosis,
the taste of ozone I crave like
breathing air.
In carnal dreams I am wearing leather
waiting for you on a Parisian Street .
Is there shame in what we are compelled to do?
Tell me