Diana’s January Story: Dead Planet



Myths of the Mirror

Dead Planet

Our planet died, for no living thing can thrive forever beneath the grinding thumb of neglect. But the blue squalls and wind-carved rime weren’t the first to herald a long overdue demise. We endured fires, then the parched ash and dust of rainless drought. Snow seemed almost a blessing until summer never returned.

Now we trek south, burdened only by the essentials, all luxuries of the past abandoned along the way. Lighten the load. Always lighten the load. Learn to survive with less because that’s become the single, intentional goal. To survive.

I wonder, do the southerners trek north? Will we meet in the middle and goggle at each other, our doom reflected across the narrow gap separating our frozen breaths? These are the things I ponder as my snowshoes cut a jagged groove through the crust.

We reach the mountains’ divide. Finally. Ahead stretches a white tundra…

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because I love you

I know I love you

because when I think

of you my heart feels full,

a pond choking with water hyacinth,

their hungry   roots reaching deep

into the beds of yearning,

overflowing walls of longing

where I am so afraid to fall .

Because I love you I forfeit

my privilege, allow my heart

to drown in you  as though you

are liquid.



Vincent Van Gogh

Art Gowns Art & Updates

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Art Gowns

Fourth in my series of “Art of Past Art Gowns” is Flora Blanca. It is my intention to artistically express all of the Art Gowns, after the fact.

Flora Blanca was inspired by my niece, Sherrie, who is my muse/model for this rendering.

Flora Blanca is embellished with flowers, and is herself designed in the shape of an Orchid.

She is one of the most popular Art Gowns.

Artemis by Moonlight

Flora Blanca

Lady Anne


Above are the 4 Art Gowns I have rendered, to date. Click on thumbnails, for larger views. So far, each has a muse/model. For Artemis & Mnemosyne it is Aquileana. Lady Anne is Holly & Flora Blanca is Sherrie.

Holly from House of Heart wrote a poem for me based on an old polaroid. This bit of Art Gowns Art is my “thank you”.

Turns out we both adore the poetry of Leonard Cohen…

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Night Life

From my  window   a sliver of  moon casts a haze over the water and I listen to the  rush of soft waves. Those  creatures beneath the depths,  do they sleep,  dream?  If  parted do they grieve?  Down the street  I can see  lights from  an all night store, a man stands behind the counter.  Cautiously he  slips his hand under his jacket and takes a long swig from a  bottle.   A group of young thugs gather outside the storefront.   I imagine them  harming the storekeeper.  Distracted by the young whore taking shelter in a doorway,  they laugh at her and whisper. Oblivious to her vulnerability she sleeps as though she has never heard of  birds of prey that swoop down with unblinking eyes, hungry beaks, and talons poised for butchery.   I watch closely in case I need to call out a warning  but losing interest they disappear into the dark.

Maybe nothing is real, maybe everything I think,  everything I see or hear is all in my head.  I lose focus  and the burn of you stings just below my surface.   I want to sleep,  forget the sound of your voice,   your unforgiving eyes,  not give a damn about you.




A Chat with the Wolfmaster

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Return of Dragons

“The wolf said, “You know, my dear, it isn’t safe for a little girl to walk through these woods alone.”

James Finn Garner, Politically Correct Bedtime Stories

Hi Goldilocks! Snow White? Oh, she, ummm, is entertaining the seven dwarves at the moment. Have you seen Red Ridinghood?
I want to have her over for lunch.
Image Source: Pinterest

“Oh Hi Red! Come on in. I’ve been expecting you. I have news I want to share. Have a seat here by the fireplace. Take your shoes off and feel that bear rug with your toes. Makes you want to go out and snuggle a bear doesn’t it? No?”

Can I fix you something to drink after I hang up your red cape? Great, I’ll take that. Ah, you look smashing, Red. You are the personification of the poetry fromHolly’s House of Heart. Now, what would you like to drink?

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ghost of the woods

Gretchen’s art is beautiful.
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Gretchen Del Rio's Art Blog

watercolor 1/2019

These big cats are called Puma, Cougar or Mountain Lion. They are solitary animals.  Her power comes as she moves through the world unseen, taking only what she needs, and silently marking territory so conflicts won’t be necessary. She is a ghost of the woods just like your soul is.

 When I lived in the mountains she had her den across the road and down hill a bit. Despite being practically on my doorstep I never, ever saw her. Just paw prints. I use ‘she’ because female seems appropriate.

And…yes….they are facing extinction.

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just before drowning

House of Heart

In this dream  

I think  I am  in Paris. 

It is before daybreak and

a man waits beneath a

street lamp.

Melancholy  smiles

that do not reach

our  eyes pass through us.

I am the memory of an

anonymous red rose.

Between  lovers, he roams 

the  lonely streets at night

sinking into eyes as dark 

as the river Seine

the kind one might find

just before drowning.

Related image

Iteso Ru:  Evening In Paris

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Actions of High Schoolers–Historically Frightening

charles french words reading and writing

I did not think, that at my age, I would be as shocked or frightened by a news story as I have been recently. Certainly the United States of America has become more coarse and more vulgar over the last few years. Following the pattern of the President, who regularly uses insults to degrade his opponents, many Americans seem to be following his lead.

Worse recently was the incident in which high school boys from a Catholic school, some wearing MAGA hats, confronted and insulted Mr. Nathan Phillips, a Native American of the Omaha Nation and a Vietnam War veteran while he was participating in the Indigenous Peoples’ March. In the video that has gone viral, the boys can be seen confronting and attempting to intimidate Mr. Phillips.

While watching the video, I got chills, not only for the shear ugliness of the racism and bullying behavior but also because…

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of love and war

Unwillingly I  travel,

in order to survive,

through memories that summon

without consent.

There lies your winter coat

where we once lay our backs,

half buried  in the falling snow,

rotting now  among  cones  and needles.

The forest floor smells of burning pine

and silence is  the sound of pounding

hooves or soft as the moon rising

In your kingdom of stars.



Excerpt from  Gurkski’s  ” Il me faut t’abandonne”

“Come dusk is when my mind walks out

from where I fence myself in,

my dark room of nightly delights where

I encounter her,  my queen of all things blue

and we fight right from the start

To  make me love her even more.

I place the hands of my heart to gather*

my hunting spirit, follow her footprints

into our forests of  love and war.”