On A Frank Farewell

We are truly going to miss you Frank and no one can express better than our lovely Resa.

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Much to my consternation, my dear blog pal, A Frank Angle, is retiring from the blog world. Good-byes are difficult, so instead, I have decided to induct him into:

Opening this tribute, direct from Holly’s House Of Heart, is Rene Rosso doing her rendition, of renditions, of a song by:

…one of Frank’s fave bands;

Here is one of the many renditions.

Frank has written some very popular posts over his 11 years. One of his most interesting regular articles was “Opinions In The Shorts” aka OITS.

The first time I ever read an OITS, the opening shot was a bunch of shorts on a clothesline. I figured huh, this guy sits around in shorts, writing opinions. Cool!I was wrong; opinions yes, shorts no.Dale, from A Dalectable Lifehas been a lovely, loyal co-host on many of Frank’s posts.

For this special occasion, Dale has cut…

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”IF”… A challenge from A frank Angle

I’ve unfolded us like origami,

exposed shadowed corners of secrets,

forced them into the light to mourn

like sacred bones of birds.

I have Conquered both hemispheres,

cast chaos out to sea.

Rearranged us where every memory

is not an ache beneath my ribs.

Let me hold you just once more,

IF it don’t work out

*then you can tell me goodbye.


*Then you can tell me Goodbye”  by the Casinos