Across a velvet backdrop
stars hang like crystals
strewn across the heavens
softly glowing lanterns
encircling tiny tealights
that wax and wane with
the out breath of sighs
dislodged they plummet
a streaking spectrum
in  the heavens
to vanish over mountains
plunge in to the sea
or diffidently fade into
a dark horizon
we are like the ocean
ebbing and flowing,
tumbling waves of unrest
altering course or still
as tide pools
hostage to the moon
until the heat of night
inflames our primal hearts
come out, ignite, be the fire.





art by Karol Bak

I still feel you

I feel you

at the razor edge of madness, 

In the fierce break of waves along

 the sea line, 

in dark  eyes that catch mine 

in musty corridors of dreams. 

I  feel you in the wild of wolves, 

In vigils of  nightingales at my

midnight window. 

I  feel you in the ache of   my  bones. 


art by Karol Bak


Tiny birds live in my throat,
settle into a warm berth
inert until they are stirred.
Awakened, they beat their wings
against fiery walls,
spill from my Kafkaesque mind
biting the ears with bloody
teeth that slice like barber blades
piercing the heart with surreal talons.
What is sacred I swallow.


art by Karol Bak

War Cry of Birds

Her trill spills through

the meadows,

winds the poppy fields,

scales the highest mountains,

spans the deepest oceans.

She  calls to us from towers,

weaves the dreams of dreamers

Unwavering warrior,

she is   bruised from battle.

Sanctuary for seekers

her  bones are set in courage,

her eyes deep wells of wisdom.

She sings for you and me

a song of dignity.



art by Karol Bak