the Sad Cafe (V)

The room is stifling with

deflowered souls.

The sad cafe tends to its ghosts

but we are more than grateful to forget.

There are no secrets among these

desolate lovers disfigured by life.

We inhale circlets of smoke

that linger in the air and taste lips

dripping desire.

The night arches its back

to drunken angels so we dance

beneath stars that meet us halfway.

Andrew Atroshenko Knowing painting - Knowing print for sale

“Knowing” by Andrew Atroshenko

Art as representation

Equinoxio’s Virtual Museum


2016-08-12 12.18.56

Monet’s workshop at Giverny. 2016.


Bué the warrior. Polanco, Mexico city, 2020. Bué, aka Dave de Rop, is a Belgian artist living in Mexico.


The lady with the coat, 1927. Ernesto ” the monkey” Cabral (1890-1968) was a Mexican artist and illustrator in the major Mexican media of that time. 1927? Almost a century ago.

IMG_3885-A1 Ronis

Willy Ronis (1910-2009) was a French photographer. Those legs go back to the 1950’s.


“La peau douce” (Sweet skin). Montmartre, 2019.


The rider, 1999, by Fernando Botero (b. 1932 in Medellín, Colombia). The Botero museum in Bogotá is a must.

IMG_5065-Léger 45-50

Group in a field by Léger, c.1950. Léger (1881-1955) was a major French 20th century artist. Botero Museum, Bogotá, Colombia, 2018.

IMG_5088-Rouault Divino rostro 1937

The Divine face, 1937. Georges Rouault (1871-1958). Botero Museum. Botero apparently gave a great part of his personal collection to the Museum. That particular painting was…

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Cotán’s Bodegónes

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Towards the end of his highly successful secular career as a painter in Toledo, Juan Sánchez Cotán turned towards the Spanish still-life tradition of Bodegónes (a painting of the contents of a larder or pantry), and in doing so created some of the most memorable and mysterious still-lifes in the history of art.

In marked contrast to the still-lifes of the Nederlands and Italy with their tables replete and overladen with all manner of  extravagant, expensive delicacies,  Sánchez Cotán’s paintings are austere, almost severe. The objects portrayed are limited in number and are of a humble everydayness. They are either perched on bare grey ledges or hanging from strings (a method prevalent at the time to stop food from rotting and out of reach of pests), without a beginning that we can see, and set against a stunning use of negative space, an intimate almost mystical velvety blackness. None of…

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Calle Ocho

In the shadows of a rundown bar

she breathes cigars and Cuba Libre.

A Spanish guitar plays Guananey

as she swallows the night

in a sunflower dress with no shoes.

She  longs for her homeland

and the impossible dream of




” Havana ” Roman Virdi



Do These Thing

Assemble a poem around me

paint me on your canvas

lift me up on whispers

released into your dreams

the embodiment of want

inescapable taboo

let me be the rhythm of

your beating heart.


figure oil painting of woman by ocean rocks and tide pools by Sarah Trefny

art by Sarah Trefny