😻 Thank You, Tim 😻

Thank you Resa and Timothy for all the love and fun and amazing talent that you share with us all.

Art Gowns

Marina & Holly are at it again! Love could be their middle names!

Feline Matchmaking
Music & Lyrics by Timothy Price
Inspired by Holly and Marina
Collaboration between Resa and Timothy

Can we have long-distance love
For kitties locked down, locked in, Zoomed?

Jeep’s up north to the east
Spunk’s down south to the west

Jeep says meuw, not meow
Spunk says mew followed by a growl

Jeep is four dimensions in three
Spunk’s dimensions? Egyptian eyes
Jeep is a sweet girly whirly
Spunk has his destructive manly ways

Girly/Manly ways attract
Virtual romance for a matter-of-fact

Feline matchmaking during Covid cooties
Long-distance love-making, feline beauties
Purring, growling, rubbing screens
Jeep and Spunk have hit the scene

Virtual love and Covid Cooties
Modern romance oh so beauti…
Full of screen-time Zoom Zoom Zoomed

Feline matchmaking, Covid cooties
Long-distance love-making, feline beauties
Purring, growling…

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Shadows and Reconciliation – Poetry Collab (Ft. Holly of House of Heart)

Much to my delight The Wolf Boy and I joined forces and collaborated. It was an honor and great fun. I hope you enjoy. Comments are closed here, please see the original.

Blog of the Wolf Boy

Where Shadows Cannot Reach (House of Heart)

Without you I’ve become narrow.

In your absence I’ve forgotten

how to love and autumn is an ache

beneath my ribs crumbling like

my world the last time I saw you.  

I have captured your voice,

reassembled it in my throat

so as not to forget the sound

of glossy wings.  

I have dissected our bones

cleansed them of guilt,

christened them forgiveness

that we can believe in.

In sleep I sense your aura orbiting

above me so that I may dream in your light

where shadows cannot reach.

Your Reconciled Man (Blog of the Wolf Boy)

Our two hearts once united have broken
From whence they’d mended, so tenderly and mild,
Sitting now beyond the point of reconciled,
Our two broken hearts like a lost-love’s token.
Seven days since the world last smiled
Without you this…

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We Will Not Be Silenced

For those who live in the greater Philadelphia area several of the Philadelphia-area contributors to “We Will Not Be Silenced” will be reading tomorrow night at the Narberth Book Shop.  We would be grateful if you could attend, we are certain you will enjoy it. 

The Narberth Bookshop is located at 221 Haverford Av. Narberth, Pa. 19072.



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ID 23

It was a delight collaborating with Mr. Cake @ https://cakeordeathsite.wordpress.com/.  I hope you enjoy our poem. Thank you Mr. Cake.  For fun we have left it to you to decide who has written Part 2 and Part 3.


Toyen-The Unfolding Screen Toyen-The Unfolding Screen

I recently suggested to Miss Heart of House of Heart that we collaborate together on a particular hare-brained idea. I am delighted to say that the gracious Miss Heart agreed to indulge my whim and displayed not inconsiderable patience with so idle and tardy a rogue. The result is the following poem, one half written by the vastly talented Miss Heart and the other part by myself. Like any work of the imagination it can be read in a number of ways or fashions. Suffice to say that there are many conflicting versions of events, that the same incidents can recur in different locations with a varying cast of characters and that all you may surmise doesn’t necessarily dispel the mystery.

ID 23


The autumn leaves have begun to fall.
Late October London is covered in hues of orange and purple.
On my bench by the…

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