In the twilight hours

I feel you in the pouring rain

violent or soft as a summer breeze.

A bird in flight  you disappear into

the pixels from which  you  came.

Bruises of the soul are slow to heal

but I have become indifferent to pain

as cold as that seems.

Decaying gardenias fill my rooms with mortality,

decomposing petals saturated in dark secrets

kept  alive by the ferocity of desire.

They rhapsodize my dreams with the zephyr

of your sigh upon my skin.

We are a wasteland,  all  poetic breath died with us.

Now  I long for the clean scent of fall,

the smell of earth infused in deep roots.

Swaying wind chimes clinging to the arm of a live oak,

synchronized resonance of  soothing sounds

for the twilight hours.