Mother Earth

A heart beat from ash
her voice echoes  through
trees across the poppy fields.
Her land overflows with
the swell of seas spilling
down mountains through
Inundated valleys where
wheat fields  thrived.
She has given her all,
her forests are  ravaged,
hollow bones protrude
through blistered  skin.
What is left is raging volcanoes
Spewing lava she never
 meant to spill.
Unwavering crusader
She  reaches out to courage
eyes deep wells of wisdom
at war with apathy.
Bruised from battle
forsaken by greed her cries
rise above the mountains
Penetrate the seas
she cries out to you and me
A plea for dignity



“America Last: Under Trump, US Now the Last Holdout from Paris Climate Accord”



Since the US pulled out of the agreement, more than 2,700 leaders from states, cities, and businesses—representing 160 million Americans and $6.2 trillion of the US economy—have ramped up their efforts to curb climate change, sending a resounding message to our federal government and the rest of the world: We are still in. Together, these subnatio