A heart beat from ash
her sound  echoes  through
forests across  inundated lands
overflowing with seas
flooding the hillsides and decimated
valleys where wheat once thrived.
She has given her all
her forests are  ravaged their
hollow bones protruding through
blistered  skin.
What is left is raging volcanoes
that she never meant  to spill.
Unwavering crusader
she  reaches out to courage
eyes deep wells of wisdom
at war with apathy.
Bruised from battle forsaken by greed
she pleads  for  you and me
a cry for dignity.


America Last: Under Trump, US Now the Last Holdout from Paris Climate Accord

While celebrated by some members of the Republican Party [7] international reactions to the withdrawal were overwhelmingly negative from across the political spectrum and the decision received substantial criticism from religious organizations, businesses, political leaders of all parties,  environmentalists, and scientists and citizens from the United States and internationally. [8][9][10]


Play it Safe